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Monday, March 31, 2014

the last bunch...

Here they are -- the last of my "60 Favourite Things About ELC." These have been MY most favourite blog posts to write -- they've also been the easiest.

46. She takes "Pinterest-ing" very seriously. Her boards and pins are so fun and creative and inspiring!

47. She loves camo -- and wears it well!

48. She loves to color and is really good at it, too! She always happily obliges when Little Leighton drags out her Elmo and Minnie coloring books.

49. During the Spring and Summer, she'll make "sun tea" in a big Mason Jar. She'll even throw a few lemons in there. For good measure. It tastes extra yummy.

50. She is so much better than me about actually having the pictures on her iPhone printed. I want to be better about that because LL adores looking at pictures. ELC also takes great pictures. She has a knack for catching moments we'll always want to remember.

51. She's the most thoughtful gift-giver. She finds wonderful treasures. Two of my most favourites are a sweet, little, blue and white pitcher and a shabby chic angel. I look at them both every day and smile.

52. She is always up for a road trip -- be it the 20 minutes into town for a frozen yogurt or all the way up to Rhode Island. She loves adventuring.

53. On her actual 60th birthday this month, she bought LL a tutu. Nothing for herself. Just a pink and purple sparkly tutu for our tiny, twirlin' ballerina.

54. We love to sing duets together. We try to harmonize. We think we're pretty good. If it happens to be a song sung by a man and woman, ELC always and graciously sings the man's part. She can sing lower than I can -- we are well aware of our "registers." (I don't know if I used that word correctly -- I hear them saying that on "The Voice" all of the time.)

55. For many years, she would send me flowers on my birthday -- always three roses.

56. She loves stars. You can often find her rocking on the front porch, gazing up at the sky.

57. She loves tulle. We both love to wrap presents with it -- it makes the cutest bows.

58. She not-so-secretly wishes she was a cowgirl. She loves boots and horses.

59. She's a survivor.

60. She's kind and brave. Honest and soulful. She's the best woman I will ever know.

ELC -- I hope you've truly had the happiest birthday month. You deserve it. I can easily think of ONE MILLION things that I adore about you. You make me and LL and My Sweet Dad "happy when skies are grey." We hope you know how much we love you.

Forever and ever and a day.