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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the next 15 favourite things...

...about my ELC!

16. She doesn't like turning left...she will drive out of the way to make right turns only. She needs to work for UPS!

17. She will always split meals with me. Even salads. (I equally love how much it drives My Sweet Dad bonkers that we share everything.)

18. I adore her passion for numerology.

19. And angels! My Sweet Mom is very spiritual.

20. She taught me how to pray. I remember holding her hand at night and saying, in this order, "Now I Lay Me," "The Lord's Prayer" and then she would say a "special" prayer. I love talking to God, and it's because of her.

21. When I had my left ear pierced for a second time, she did, too! She was over 40. And fabulous. People are always worried we're missing an earring when they see two piercings in our left ears and only one in our rights. We just laugh and smile. It's one of our quirks!

22. Her favourite color has always been blue. It's mine, too.

23. She mails me articles and clippings from newspapers and magazines that she thinks are helpful or encouraging. She says her Nana used to do this, too.

24. For as long as I can remember, she sings me the "birthday song" whenever she first talks to me on my birthday. "It's your birthday! It's your birthday! Happy birthday!" I look forward to that little tune every year! I think she must have written and composed it herself!

25. I had a hardship license when I was 15. I worked at a flower shop and delivered flowers. However, I had "restrictions." I could only drive between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. by myself. So, if it was after hours and a friend and I wanted to go cruise around the Sonic in my hometown, ELC would sit in the back seat and basically crawl onto the floorboards when we would pull into Sonic -- so we could pretend we were by ourselves. What a trooper and what a Mom!

26. She "shares" her friends with me. She has several of the most amazing, kind, generous ladies in her life. I'm blessed to call them my friends, too.

27. She patiently lets Little Leighton ransack her purse every time she comes to visit us. LL literally pulls it all out and scatters it across the floor. ELC just giggles and plays right along.

28. Her laugh. She makes me laugh so hard I cry. She reminds me that laughter truly has healing powers!

29. We also share a favourite movie -- You've Got Mail. We can basically recite it word-for-word. We can't wait to show it to LL someday.

30. She saves TV shows on her DVR for me to watch when I come to visit. The newest one (which she mentioned recently in a post) -- Private Lives of Nashville Wives. She knows I'll always appreciate a good reality show.