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Friday, March 21, 2014

Lasagna, Turtles and The Sugarbakers

Of course, on this Fabulous Friday in North Central Texas, I can’t NOT respond to TLC’s precious post this past Tuesday. It made me smile, laugh and sniffle a time or two.

I’m so truly and deeply sorry that you’ve only had my lasagna about three times in your thirty years on Earth, TLC. I should be ashamed. I AM ashamed. Promise. But, actually, once a decade? That ain’t bad for your old Mama, right? No. It is bad. I’m a hopelessly pathetic Chef/Cook.

I’d also like to apologize for the fact that you’ve only enjoyed my Turtle Cake about three times in the past (same) thirty years. Oh, OH. How embarrassing.

At least I can say you’ve had tons o’ my salads in your young life. For that culinary fact, I’m proud. I thank you for complimenting me on this talent (?) I do seem to have.

I have no explanation as to why I’ve always loved jewelry. My Nana didn’t wear a lot. My mother didn’t really wear a lot. Yet, I am positive, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I loved it early on. Like four years old early. I don’t need expensive jewelry (Although, when Dad asked me to marry him and I realized he couldn’t afford to buy me a diamond ring, I opted for matching wedding bands. I wanted a BIG rock—or nothing. Who knew that might mean I’d NEVER, ever get a big rock?!?) The truth is I won’t allow Dad to spend a wad of dough on jewelry for me. As I’ve shared in the past, I adore David Yurman (but not the really expensive/fancy pieces), James Avery and Brighton. I take care of my jewelry and wear what I have over and over and over…That’s the way I seem to roll. I'm the same about purses, aren't I, TLC? One purse for six months (Spring/Summer) and my other for six months (Fall/Winter). I am what I am. Sigh.

I’m confident my love of cardinals was passed down to me through My Nana. She loved birds. All birds, really. She loved gardening and being outside. When I see a cardinal—even if I see one or more every day for many days or weeks in a row—I never get tired of their beauty. I almost always get a little tear in my eye. Seeing them makes me miss Nana. Very, very much. (She’s been gone for twenty-eight years. I can’t really believe that.)

Loving glitter, I suspect, goes hand in hand with my love of sparkly jewels! Ha! I do want to let our Friends know I don’t wear a lot of glitter on my eyes or as part of my makeup. That would be wrong—and too weird. I wish I could! But I feel there comes a time, in every woman’s life, when less is more. When a thick layer of glitter could lodge itself in one’s wrinkles and that would not be a good look for someone over the age of fifty. Or a gal significantly past the age of fifty. Oh, okay. I can say it. Someone who is about to be SIXTY. Sheesh.

Hallmark cards? Therapy for me. They have been for at least forty years. The beautiful, descriptive words? The scenes and pictures and colors? The wit and humor? LOVE. I think I like to send cards—and always have—because the members of my generation were letter writers. I was never a stamp collector—but I had friends that were. I’ve enjoyed finding pretty stamps for a long, long time. (Especially now that you can look at and order them on-line.) I search for special and/or meaningful stamps. It’s fun to “coordinate” your card/stationary with the postage you put on it. Or maybe I should say it’s fun for me. I realize not everyone even cares—or notices—the stamps on a letter or card. I can’t take credit for my handwriting. That, in my opinion, goes to genetics and some of the AMAZING teachers (One teacher, in particular, was actually what I'd describe as "demanding!") I had as a child/elementary school student. Now cursive handwriting is about to be extinct. I hate that. Even “bad” handwriting is innerstin...

Yep—love my country music. With all of my heart and soul. I actually enjoy sooo many kinds of music. Heck, almost every kind—with the exception of opera. I admire opera singers for their talent and dedication. I don’t really understand opera—the stories and plots and characters. The point. People have told me I need to attend an opera with someone who can explain it all to me. That might be true. I think, at this time in my life, I’ll stick with Miranda, Blake, Martina and Brad. Oh, and ADELE and PINK! Thank YOU, TLC, for requiring me, over the years, to be open to the music you love and listen to. I’d say 90% of it is magnificent!

I’m not very hopeful that I’ll ever be asked to sing our National Anthem at even a local ballgame. Much less the Super Bowl or World Series. I can dream…and I will…

Designing Women? One of the BEST TV SHOWS EVER. Ever. Amen.

I'm extremely grateful for all of your kind words, TLC. (Can't wait to see the next 45...YIKES...Forty-Five!) I do so love you, Dearest Daughter O’ Mine…