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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year...New Ear Pretties!

I came a tidbit late to the “Pierced Ears’ Game.” My mother wouldn’t let her daughters have pierced ears when we were in junior high or even high school. I was 19 when I had my ears punched at the Monnig’s Department Store in downtown Ft. Worth. It was summer and I was working at a huge insurance company (making about $3.00 an hour!). I went during my lunch break to have one of the cosmetic ladies do the honors of putting holes in my ears. Within seconds, I was quite scared to go home. Petrified.

My mother didn’t even notice them for a few days! I wore my hair down over my ears. It was long. I wore the “pretend” earrings in those days—a lot. They’d improved over the earrings my mother had worn as a teenager and young adult. From what I recall, one of my siblings ratted me out. (Confident I know which one that was.) Mother was furious.  Which was nothing new and which I thought was interesting—she since really hadn’t even noticed them. (She finally gave in to “peer pressure,” herself, when she was about 50! Had her ears pierced and wouldn’t allow me to give her a hard time.)

TLC was four years old when, one late Spring afternoon, she asked me if I’d call Kit.  She needed to "ask her a question." I’ve mentioned Kit to y’all in the past. She’s been our family hair stylist for thirty years! TLC couldn’t reach our kitchen “wall” phone—so I dialed the beauty shop number. When Kit got on the line, I told her I wasn’t sure why we were calling, but TLC wanted to talk to her. Then this:

TLC: Hi, Kit! Would you pierce my ears?

What? Whhaaatttt did she ask? Did I misunderstand her?

ELC: Whoa, there, Missy! If you just asked Kit to pierce your ears that is NOT happening.

It happened the next day. (Yes. I had to drive TLC to the shop. It was too far for her to walk! J/K. Teeheehee.) TLC crawled up into the chair. Kit got on one side of TLC. Kit's Mom, also a stylist in her shop, got on the other. They positioned the “guns” just right. Kit said: “On the count of three. One. Two. Three.”

TLC screamed bloody murder! Cried and cried. I had zero sympathy for her and told her so. (Kit shared with me they’d learned—the hard way—to pierce both ears of anyone under the age of about 14 at the same time. Several unfortunate experiences had taught them the best way to handle the situation was to do it this way. They'd had a few kids, in the past, run out of her shop with one pierced ear!)

I was tough on TLC for many months after that.  I demanded she keep her ears clean and wouldn’t allow her to wear anything but tiny studs. I actually remember telling her that her ears could fall off if she didn’t put Neosporin on them every night. Was that right? No. It wasn't. It was terrible of me. I’d never encourage her to tell Little Leighton (LL) that if and/or when LL wants her ears pierced!  I did make this (erroneous) threat to TLC with gentleness and kindness. But I was firm. It worked. She never had an "earring" infection in her pre-school, elementary or junior high days.

If y’all have been with us long, you know how I REFUSE to leave my home without earrings and lipstick. TLC and I often share earrings. After she’s tired of them, I sometimes get her hand-me-downs. I’ve also bought earrings knowing we intended to share them from the outset. She has a few that have been gifts from her Dad, husband and friends I wouldn’t ask to borrow. I have a few like that, too.

Below is a picture of the Kendra Scott earrings TLC and Little Leighton (LL) gave me for Christmas! (This is another game I came to late: The Kendra Scott Obsession Game!) They've been placed lovingly in my “ring” jewelry box. (Those are three of my five simple, but very, very much cherished wedding bands. This Gal doesn’t have a big ole’ diamond. Never have had a “solitaire.” Never felt like I was truly missing out, either.)

I’ve gotten to the age where I don’t feel comfortable wearing long, large, showy earrings. Something about people noticing my wrinkly neck, perhaps? Hmmm...perhaps. I wear many small-ish earrings. TLC knew I would treasure these. I do! They’re called “Ellie.” And “Platinum Drusy.” Whatever the heck that means. I love that they’re gold around the edge (Could that be the definition of drusy?) The sparklies are major platinum-y. I took no less than fifteen pictures—trying to capture just how incredibly shiny these earbobs are—to no avail.

Trust me on this: These are the second sparkliest earrings I now own or have ever owned! (The first being some fancy-schmancy diamond studs I received from My Sweet Hubby for our 24th wedding anniversary. I’d asked for them for our 20th. One for each decade of wedded bliss. However, it was important to get a golf cart for TLC. She was a freshman in high school and wanted to play on the golf team that year. We lived near a golf course—so it made sense to get a cart, instead of renting one all the time. Yes, God forbid she walk the course.) BTW: She was on that team for a year. Sigh. The sacrifices we Moms make, TLC. You’re learning already, right?

I’m deeply grateful to TLC and LL for these ear pretties! They make up for so many, many, MANY things. Wink. Wink.

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