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Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year...New Show! to me, at least!

Guess what? My Mother is (almost) always right. She really is...especially when it comes to television shows. I know she's mentioned her love for Parenthood before -- and I had sporadically seen a couple of episodes. However, it wasn't until last Saturday that I sat down and watched the entire first season in one afternoon.

ELC and My Sweet Dad had Little Leighton at their Country Casa for the weekend, and I was sick...again. (Preschool germs are the pits.) My husband and I recently decided that we would sign up for Netflicks...again. We had it several years ago but let our membership expire. Luckily, once we logged in with his email address, it pulled up all of the shows and movies we had previously added to our "list." Parenthood was on there...right next to Friday Night Lights...which I'm also determined to finish (it wasn't because I didn't enjoy the series...I actually loved it but had a baby and became subsequently distracted...or only able to process mindless Real Housewives).

I woke up Saturday morning barely able to move. I somehow managed to drag myself from my bed to our oversized chair in the living room where the Apple TV is located. I promptly began the Pilot and was hooked. Instantly. I am completely torn between binge-watching this entire series in two weeks...or slowly savoring every episode -- only allowing myself one Parenthood per day. (Who am I kidding? That's impossible!) I never want them to be over. My husband says I am quite literally addicted. It's true. He actually enjoys watching this show with me. It's honest. It's real. It's funny. It's heart-wrenching. I want to be a Braverman.

ELC and I spent 30 minutes this afternoon discussing our love of every character. They are completely relatable. We love Crosby. Despite his ways. We love Adam and Kristina and their devotion to their marriage and family. We love Zeek and how proud he is. We want to have a glass of wine with Sarah and hug Amber. We just can't get enough. If you haven't seen an episode, don't hesitate any longer. You need this show in your life. Like, yesterday.

Happy Friday, everybody! I'm literally going to hit the "publish" button now and start Parenthood. When I'm not twirling or having tea parties, you'll find me parked in front of the TV this weekend.