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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Year...New Tissues!

I think it’s interesting what we, as individuals, find important. To the quality of our lives. Our priorities, so to speak.

I was the eldest of my mother’s four children. I have a brother and two sisters. Growing up, we often got caught in the restroom without toilet paper. Well, you know, three girls/four females in the house…I think it’s understandable that toilet paper was hugely important/often scarce.

Also, we weren’t allowed to have soft drinks. Well, we did have them. Just not often. They were considered a luxury item and mostly bought for special occasions—like birthdays. Or if there was a super sale on them.

So toilet paper? Soft drinks? Important to moi. I must have lots o’ both o’ these items. And I do mean LOTS. I have inventories of them. Not braggin’. Being open, real and honest.

My third obsession seems to be with Kleenex/tissues. Why? Possibly the fact that I had horrible allergy issues. Asthma. My mother bought whatever was the cheapest. Even if it was ugly and rough. (Guess she thought I wouldn’t notice. Ha.) I’m not going to lie: I need pretty boxes of tissues. P.R.E.T.T.Y. Or what I perceive as pretty! Wink. Wink.

I’ve taken it upon myself to keep TLC and Little Leighton (LL) in pretty tissue boxes, too! I doubt TLC has had to buy her own more than five or six times in the past ten years. Like so many other products I have loved in my life, I’ve had to search and search for a particular box of tissues I’ve bought in the past and then had to, sadly, accept it is no longer available. Anywhere. Makes me nuts.

Oh...cost. Yes. Cost. I work at not spending a small fortune on my addiction to these products. If I can get them for a good, decent, fair price? I’m psyched. Truly. It’s a good day.

Here are two of my latest tissue purchases—designed by none other than Betsey Johnson! (Don’t you positively adore Betsey? Did you watch her as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars? She was precious. Unbelievable. Such an inspiration. Such a love. She’s been in my life for at least 45 years. Maybe more? Not technically in my life. Where I live. In my imaginary wheelhouse.)

Not only are they Betsey, but they’re animal! Wwhhhaaaattttt?????? Yes. Animal. Of course they are—Betsey loves animal prints. Duh.

Wish I could tell y’all where I found these boxes. Target? Hellmart? Brookshire’s? HEB? No clue. I’m all over the place between TLC's home and my casa. I could purchase only four boxes wherever I was—two for me and two for TLC. There were six Betsey tissue boxes on the shelf. One was a design I wasn’t fond of (sorry, BJ) and one was bunged/beaten up. Another rule of mine: I don’t buy damaged merch. Period. Not happening. Pretty and in good shape is important to me. Silly/stupid? Maybe. I won't argue. Of course I realize there are more critical issues in this World than worrying about a dented tissue box. Still...

Maybe you’ll love these and maybe you’ll be able to locate them without spending a lot of time and trouble. I haven't seen them anywhere else since I lucked into finding them a couple of weeks ago. I know this: They’ll jazz up your nightstand or powder room vanity. Jazz them up with style and sass!

Hope Y’all have a WONDERFUL week—wherever in the World you are!

Smooches and Hugs

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