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Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year? New Rule.

I made up a “new rule” for our Casa. For, specifically, My Sweet Hubby (MSH).

Drum roll please...

If you’re going to tell me to read an article you found in the newspaper? You have to have read it first. All of it.

A week ago today, MSH handed me his iPad, as I was about to get out of bed and get ready to go to the “Earliest Movie We’ve Ever Seen At An Actual Movie Theatre.” (See Some “Un” Assembly Required below…) I noticed the title indicated it was about hoarders. Are you a hoarder? Or a pack rat? (Not that exactly...but close.)

For the one-millionth time, MSH, (and, actually, TLC), I am not a hoarder. Pack Rat? Possibly. Certainly not a hopeless one. Let’s say I’m a Sorta-Semi-Pack-Rat, okay?

Upon glancing at the article, I discovered there was a “test” I could take to determine if I was, in fact, a hoarder. Or pack rat. Or neither. When I looked at the questions? CONFIRMATION: I AM NOT A HOARDER. (And I'm barely a pack rat. So there, You Two.)

I asked MSH if he’d read the article. No, he said. I didn’t.

He was promptly informed about the NEW RULE.

Since it’s a New Year? This, I believe, was perfect timing.

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