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Sunday, May 24, 2015

embrace the mud

This is ELC’s Mantra this Sunday, May 24, 2015!

We’ve had rain. LOTS and LOTS o’ RAIN. Our tanks are full. Our streets—all over Texas—are flooded. We’re all beginning to smell a teensy bit like mildew. And there is mud. Endless mud.

AND YET…we simply CANNOT complain. We just shouldn’t. (Well, for the people that have lost their homes? Their vehicles? Their businesses? Their possessions? We’ll kindly let them complain. Bless their sweet, dear hearts. It’s overwhelmingly sad.) We’ve prayed and prayed and PRAYED , for years, for relief from our hideous drought. Our prayers have been answered. Tenfold. A million fold, actually. Weather Peeps say there's lots more comin'. Okay. Bring it on.

My Sweet Husband (MSH) and I met TLC in Ft. Worth this past Wednesday morn to pick up Little Leighton (LL). TLC and Her Hubby had movers coming Friday to take all of their “stuff” to their new home. It’s approximately ten miles (as the crow flies) from the home they’ve been in for almost six years to their new casa. We were to keep Sister Biscuit (LL) until this morning. However, we had some issues (not the least of which was some possible scary weather that was to happen yesterday afternoon, last night, and even today) Friday that caused a change in plans. We took LL to her new house (and PURPLE-although-really-more-like-a-pale-lavender bedroom—she requested purple—it’s her most favourite color—pink is second—such a Girly Girl!) yesterday morn. Had a picnic “lunch” in the car (supervised by MSH/Pa-Pa, since Grammy was the chauffeur) and arrived around 11:30.

TLC and Her Hubby were exhausted. They’d basically had no sleep for the past 96-ish hours. There was—and is—still so much left to do. TLC will be unpacking, organizing and placing things for several weeks. We've all agreed, no less than fifty times in the past thirty days, moving STINKS. Big time. YUCK. Duh. This new home (New to them, by the way! It's actually about seven years old.) is going to be such a wonderful sanctuary for TLC, Her Hubby, LL, and Henry, the Dog—as they continue to live and grow together as a sweet little family. (I think I might talk TLC into sharing a few pictures…as soon as she finds her laptop!)

Today, as Hubby and I fight Cabin Fever—I find myself enjoying all of the posts and pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter about Memorial Day. I’m forever amazed at the bravery, dedication, determination and loyalty of the men and women who have served—are serving—or died serving—our country. I think when you're born, raised and live in America, you can, unfortunately, forget there are many others, around the world, who don’t share this cherished privilege of freedom. A simple “thank you” to our Veterans doesn’t seem to be adequate, does it? My thanks are sincere and heartfelt. Truly.

Hope Y’all have a Happy Week…we’ll be back in touch…asap!