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Sunday, May 10, 2015

the sweet girl that made me mama... a HOOT. She is sassy, smart, witty. Once we start giggling, we can't stop. I love every. single. second.

I have to share two precious stories about this Little Leighton.

Preface: LL LOVES Peppa Pig. In a major way. For those of you unfamiliar, it's a cartoon about a spunky pig with a British accent. I quite enjoy it myself. 

Last weekend, we decided to go out to eat at our most favourite gluten-free-friendly restaurant in our suburb. LL gets so excited when we go. Once we settled in at our table, LL requested a menu. She likes to "read" them. She examined it for awhile and then promptly declared:

"I would like: veggies, hummus, salad and toe-mah-toes."

Yes. Toe-mah-toes. Said in a perfect British accent. Just like our dear Peppa. My Husband and I got so tickled. We could not stop laughing. LL was so confused. She wasn't sure what was so funny.

We now eat toe-mah-toes. So long, toe-may-toes!

Yesterday afternoon, LL and I arrived back at our (completely-torn-apart-because-we're-in-the-middle-of-a-move) house after a quick visit to Grammy and Pa-Pa's! I dropped her Thursday night and headed back Friday to pack. Then I picked her up yesterday at our midway-point (and in-between wacko thunderstorms--seriously, I think Noah's Ark is picking us up soon--at least I hope I make the cut!). My Husband met us at the door and walked LL inside. I was gathering my things and was trailing behind. When I walked in, LL immediately ran up to me and exclaimed, "Mama! I have a card to sign for you! Surprise!" My Husband starts laughing and said, "I literally just told her to NOT tell you that I had a card for Mother's Day I needed her to sign. She is clearly not trustworthy!" Well, duh. She's not even three. It made me laugh and laugh. I love her joy!

Like most children her age, she does love gifts! But what has surprised and delighted me is that I truly believe she loves giving gifts as much as, or more than, she does receiving them. First thing this morning she asks me, "Mama, are you so excited to open your card and gift? I can't wait!" I love her pure heart. I am endlessly proud of her. I am profoundly and eternally grateful to my Lord for blessing me with this angel. My Little Earth Angel.

And now, for my Mama--my Sweet ELC: I hope you had the happiest day. We couldn't do this life without you. You are kind. Caring. Encouraging. Gracious. Generous. You're the loveliest woman I know. I love you and am so proud you're mine!

To the wonderful women reading this--have a most fabulous night and week! You rock.