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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lost My Shirt...

My khaki and white striped, ¾-sleeved, cotton, button down shirt is (I hope) temporarily misplaced. Currently in hiding. It’s driving me nuts. I’ve searched my closet. I’ve forced TLC to search her guest room closet. I’m 100% certain I didn’t take it to our Cleaners. And I don’t take my shirt off anywhere but at my house. Or TLC’s.  Promise! Oh. I do take it off at a doctor's office. I don't, however, usually try on clothes at stores. I take shirts home. If they don't fit, I take them back! No one could ever call me anything but modest. Truly. Surely it’ll turn up. Right?

But I was thinking about losing my shirt and the fact that I left y’all high and dry about my betting/wagering habits—in regard to my horse racing obsession. Because I do love to go to racetracks in person. My intrigue is not centered entirely on The Kentucky Derby. My all-time favourite racetrack is in Ruidoso, New Mexico. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! It’s in the mountains, of course. It’s small-ish. Cool-ish—if you sit outside—for lots of their season. It’s a place I need to go to at least once every two-three years. My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I have TOO MUCH FUN when we go to that track.

Other’s I’ve enjoyed? Bossier City, Louisiana. Oklahoma City. Hot Springs, Arkansas. Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, Texas. Lone Star is approximately 80 miles from our country casa. One might think I’d been there many, many times. Truth is we’ve only gone maybe four times since it opened. In 1997. I actually tell MSH—at least once a month, from April through July: “We should go to Lone Star this weekend!” He always replies (enthusiastically): “Yes. Yes, we should.” You know where this is headed: We don’t go.

FYI—because I’m confident y'all are interested in this:

Here’re my betting/wagering habits/philosophies, which have developed slowly—over the past 36-ish years:

My wagering limit (Let's be honest. I could also call it "My Wagering Loss Limit.")—per afternoon at the races—is $75-$90. That typically works out to be around $10 per race. I pick a horse whose name I like for at least one bet. Usually to “Show.” I’ll pick a horse whose jockey is wearing pink or who has the number 5, 6, 8 or 9 to "Place." I won’t bore you with the reason I choose one of those numbers—at least not at this time. You’re welcome.

Approximately one minute before they close the wagering windows, I prance myself up, with sassy confidence, and place a $2 to $4 bet on the horse that has the biggest odds against him/her. I make a bet for that horse to “Win.” (I used to make the bet be for said horse to “Show.” That worked to my advantage a few times over the years. However, I decided it was much more exciting if I placed a “Win” bet. True, that plan has never really worked out well for me. Hey, I believe it will—someday!)

I’d say I average one trip per year/season to a horse race. Some years it might be two to three times. That’s rare. As of today, it’s actually been four years since our last visit. To Ruidoso. NO. That can't be right. We’re grossly overdue. MSH and I are discussing  a trip to New Mexico in July or August. Mama needs a new pair of shoes—winky wink.

And so ends Part Two of my Derby post. I suspected I might have given y’all the idea I was a regular at the Races. Sadly, now you understand that’s not the case. 

Gotta scoot…just had a vision where that shirt might be. Have a Terrific Tuesday—Wherever in the World Y’all Are…

p.s.—Y’all have moi for the next three weeks-ish. TLC is in the throes of frantically packing! With an almost 3-year-old. She’s a bit overwhelmed and I’ve assured her I can handle this. Patience, Sillies. I suggest PATIENCE…Teeheehee