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Monday, June 8, 2015

Camp Grammy and Pa-Pa

This past weekend, TLC had a Moms-Only-Day&Night-Away at a charming B&B, close to her casa, with old and new friends. Shopping, eating and “wining” seemed to be the pressing agenda for said Moms. So Grammy and Pa-Pa had two nights of fun and games with Little Leighton (LL)! (TLC’s Hubby and Henry took the opportunity to attend a Guys-Only-Day&Night-At-The-Lake for some much-appreciated fishing and fellowship.)

Camp Grammy and Pa-Pa’s pressing agenda included lots o’ fresh air and sunshine! The Outdoors called our names—for 48 magical hours (minus nap/night time). We spent quite a chunk o' time on the front and back porches.

Friday afternoon, we explored our place on the Ranger and hung out at the Big Tank. The catfish were dancing with happiness at being fed. They made us giggle and startled us when they jumped! We looked for armadillos and counted Cardinals, buzzards and butterflies.

We took a Field Trip to some dear friends' home Saturday morning. They have a beaucoup of animals—domestic and farm. After a good, long nap that afternoon, we played “Bubbles!” on the back porch. Our two little battery-operated bubble makers were in great working condition and the breeze was positively perfect for optimum bubble success. LL helped Grammy water her flower pots. And, yes, we watered some sidewalks, too.

We had a yummy breakfast on the back porch Sunday morning. LL adores Grammy’s (gluten-free!) pancakes…bless her itty-bitty heart. (Grammy has never cooked a turkey or roast in her over-60 years on this Earth, but she’s got those pancakes down. Carbs make Grammy giddy.)

We watched “Enchanted” twice—from beginning to end. Both times. We watched Little Mermaid (Only once. Thank you, Lord. It doesn't matter how many hundreds of times Grammy has seen a Disney movie. She cries. Every single last time. Sheesh.). We watched several “Peppa Pigs” and a couple of Sesame Streets. We read twenty books and “worked” three different times in Grammy’s office.

LL was happy to head home after lunch Sunday. (Me thinks she was pooped from the busy Camp schedule.) She couldn’t wait to see her Mama and Daddy. She slept, in her carseat in Pa-Pa’s truck, almost the entire way back (two hours-ish)—which is somewhat of a miracle lately. We always cherish small blessings.

A FABULOUS time was had by All…

Please have a SAFE and Wonderful Week, Darling Friends and Sillies Everywhere…

p.s.: TLC will continue her “Tour of Home” off and on all month long…stay tuned…