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Friday, June 12, 2015

TLC's Tour of Home: Part Two

When we were looking at homes, one thing I had hoped for (but it wasn't going to be a deal-breaker) was a butler's pantry between the dining room and kitchen. I was thrilled when the house we purchased had one!

I'm currently using it as my china cabinet/coffee bar and I am loving it. The cute sugar dish (behind the blue creamer) is actually part of ELC's 37-year-old wedding pottery--"Happy Talk." I've "acquired" (borrowed? taken?) several pieces. They are so special to me. The sweet flowers do make me quite HAPPY!

My "coffee" print was one I purchased and downloaded from Etsy. I had it printed on cardstock (via Walmart) and placed it in my (always 50% off) gold frame from Hobby Lobby.

We eventually want to change the backsplash (just not our style--we love subway tile and will probably find something like that). I love the glass cabinets, though, and plan to always have those.

Happy Fri-YAY, Friends! Stay tuned for Part Tres.