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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TLC's Tour of Home: Part Trois

For my latest installment, I thought I would show y'all my little "sitting nook" in my master bedroom.

Our wall color is Sherwin-Williams' "Comfort Gray." It certainly has a greenish undertone, and my husband thinks the linen-esque chair, light lampshade and mirror help soften the room. I agree! (I think he's still adjusting to our green room. It's really a chameleon--sometimes it looks sage green, sometimes a pretty blue. In the mornings, when the sun is coming through the windows, it looks like a very silvery grey. I adore it and find that it is truly "comforting!")

This chair is the "Erin Cute-As-A-Button" chair from World Market. Ironically--ELC actually texted me a picture of this chair about a year ago--long before I had the perfect spot for it. She had come across it while shopping in World Market and thought it was precious! Each button is a different fabric.

This was actually purchased for our guest suite upstairs (aka: ELC's room) but I opted to drag it back downstairs to my room. (ELC helped me find the most FABULOUS leopard print chair--of course leopard print--for "her" room that will be acquired ASAP.)

My Hubby was going to hang the mirror for me--he takes much more time and is more precise when it comes to projects like that. But, alas, I became impatient yesterday afternoon and decided to do it myself. It's one that has two "hangers" on it, and those drive me bonkers! They are virtually impossible to hang straight. It is slightly crooked, but, as long as you don't stare at it too long, I don't think it's noticeable. (Definitely not enough to attempt re-hanging it.)

Happy Friday Eve Eve, Friends!