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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June's Tour of Homes!

Well, actually, it’s just “home.” Singular. But I knew that would look odd—as a title to this post.

I’ve just almost convinced TLC to share some of the things she adores about her new casa. (For some odd reason, she thinks the fact that they’re constantly tripping over all of the boxes she’s failed to unpack to date gives her the excuse to have her Mama do another month of posts. Oh, geez. She’s really good at this guilt stuff. I’m pretty sure that’s MY job/right/prerogative.)

TLC and Her Sweet Little Family moved about twelve miles east-ish (as the crow flies—don’t get us started on how long it takes to actually travel those twelve miles…SHEESH) from their first home to a lovely, semi-small Texas town full of charm, possibility and endless opportunities. Especially for Little Leighton.

I suggested this to TLC yesterday:

Take a picture every couple of days this month of some room or area or spot in your new digs. Just a picture. Maybe give us a short explanation or two to three of your thoughts about it. That’s all we’ll ask. Cross our hearts.

I’m crossing my fingers this plea will work. I plan to use some coercion, if necessary. Possibly bribes. I’m not above either, don’t’chaknow.

Hope Y’all’s week has started in a grand and FABULOUS manner!

ta-ta for now, Sweet Peas…