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Friday, October 9, 2015

Down for the Count...

Now I’m in bed. Been here since Wednesday night. My Sweet Hubby (MSH) is being my Nurse/Errand Runner/Food Bringer. I won’t go into details about my situation. Suffice it to say it’s a condition that hits me one or two times a year. Because I eat and drink the wrong things and don’t generally take care of myself the way I know I should. My doctor is out of town until next week. Her nurse has refilled a script that is probably not going to help much—but I’m taking it. I found some two-year-old pain pills that do give me some relief for a couple of hours. Mostly just staying in bed is the answer to this unfortunate occurrence.

TLC’s forehead incision is FINALLY looking better and healing and New Baby Girl is not making TLC quite as sick as she’d been the first three months.

My morning text from TLC said this: Little Leighton woke up at 5:15 this morning. Lovely. That’s not fun for anyone, especially her Mama. Overall, Little Leighton lives in The Land of Happy Toddlers—most of the time!

We’ve seen no snakes. MSH had a good checkup with his cardiologist on Tuesday. Yippee! The weather is positively gorgeous in North Central Texas. (It will be hitting the 90s next week. We’re all over those ridiculous temps. Sheesh.)

And I’m in bed. Thank goodness for televisions and iPhones and books. The time seems to go by as fast as when I’m healthy. I'd rather be up and blowin' and goin'. Sigh.

Here’s wishing Y’all have a Fabulous Friday and Wonderful Weekend…wherever in the World you are! Stay well. Stay safe. BE HAPPY!

Smooches and Hugs, Dear Friends…

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