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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


For those of you in Canada, or who are Canadian, and who read our blog, you may want to stop right here. Otherwise, we may lose you forever. If we do, I wish you the very, very best life has to offer.

This afternoon/evening, My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I watched The Texas Rangers play the Toronto Blue Jays. In Toronto. For the American League Division Series. In a 53-minute 7th Inning, Toronto fans got hugely upset with a call the umpires made and started throwing beer bottles, beer cans, and other debris onto the field.

Classy. Truly classy, Toronto fans. We watched a crying woman (the mom?) holding a small baby—maybe a year old?—also crying. The announcer speculated the mom or child (or both) had been hit with something.

I’m not athletic. I’m not a huge sports’ fan. I do love The Texas Rangers (and not just because Autumn’s son—whom I’ve known and adored for almost 28 years—since he was 4—is in charge of the Box Office!) and The Dallas Mavericks. (I'm not crazy about The Dallas Cowboys. Enough said about that for now.) I enjoy watching some high school and college football games—mostly of Texas teams. I’d never pretend I have a clue about baseball, basketball or football. I’m also not personally competitive. I am a game-player. Cards. Dominoes. Board games. I participate for the overall fun and challenge. And the fellowship. My self-esteem has never been tied up in my ability to win a game. (Just ask my Bridge Club Gals! I've played with some of them for over 36 years and I've only gotten worse. Yet I treasure, more and more as time goes on, our once-a-month Bridge Club night.)

I do declare this without hesitation and without one doubt: If someone I knew—a family member or friend—threw anything at anyone during a sporting event—heck—during ANY event—they’d have my lectures to deal with for a long, long time. If they got arrested? They'd sit in jail. That behavior is inexcusable. It's inexcusable for any fan to do what the Toronto fans did. Inexcusable anywhere. Any game. Any time. Ever. Period.

Toronto won. Because of too many rowdy, rude, obnoxious and, in my humble opinion, basically criminal fans, I wish they hadn’t. I don’t like to see meanness rewarded.

And there you go. Hopefully the most negative post I’ve made/will make. (No promises, okay?)

Be kind, Friends. Please. Be patient. Be fair. Because all of those things matter.

Hugs…(and thank you...)

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