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Monday, October 19, 2015

No Tricks...Just Treats...

After my (semi-downer and borderline snippish) post about the Texas Rangers’ game, I feel it’s time for something a teensy bit fun/yummy. Do y'all agree?

One of my most favourite candy bars, growing up, was a PAYDAY. Even though it had no chocolate in it. (And why the heck doesn’t it???)

I’m not sure how long I went without eating one—as I was pretty much on a diet for about forty years! (Yes. Of course, I should be on one now. I’ve just given up. I’m no longer mentally and emotionally prepared to starve myself.) Two years ago, however, I started buying My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and me the little “snack-size” PAYDAYS. Okay. So I eat four at a time and could just have a big one. Sigh.

Many, many, MANY moons ago, one of my Sweet Bridge Club Gals put, on her tables for her hostess night, some candy corn and peanuts. In the same bowl! She said: Take a couple of peanuts and eat them with one or two candy corns. Voila! Tastes very much like a PAYDAY!

Honestly, I’m much better about controlling how many calories I consume when I do it this way. Because it doesn’t take more than ten-ish candy corns and twenty-ish roasted peanuts to satisfy My-0n-Going-And-Quite-HOPELESS-Sweet-Tooth/Teeth.

(Guess what? Those Jelly Belly candy corns? GLUTEN-FREE. Yep. Little Leighton gets candy corn this year and LOVES it. A lot.)

Hope Y’all have a Wonderful Week—wherever in this World you are…

HUGS and TTFN...