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Sunday, October 4, 2015

popcorn, De Niro, and a few tears...

This has been a lovely weekend in North Central Texas! We (finally) got some cool-ish (for us Texans!) weather—temps in the 80s the past two days—making it feel like autumn should feel. It should get better and better as the weeks pass by.

As y’all may have suspected, I spent several nights at TLC’s casa in the past twelve days—helping her during the recovery process from her MOHS surgery. She had 13 stitches! It was more extensive than any of us had presumed it’d be. She got said stitches out this past Thursday. It’s apparently going to be slow—the healing. Luckily, the headaches, aches and pains have subsided significantly. There’ve been a few tears (of frustration) and some unexpected bleeding. A couple of direct calls to the fabulously nice surgeon's cellphone. TLC’s working to keep her attitude positive and to take care of herself for the Little-Princess-in-her-Tummy that will arrive next year! I loved every second—being with Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) while being a Mom/Grammy-Nanny/HomeHealthAssistant/Housekeeper/Kind-of-Cook. I’ll be going back this week to see My Girls! Every day visits would never be enough for moi.

My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I had a fun day in Ft. Worth Friday. Errands. Leisurely mall shopping—something we don’t do too often. Ate at Jason’s Deli—my favourite sammich—Amy’s Turkey O! While MSH went to his favourite grocery store (Central Market), I browsed Toys R Us. Worked on our grandkids’ Christmas gifts. I’m never ever EVER this organized—but got most of my list finished. YIPPEE MOI!

Yesterday we were home, enjoying the heavenly—HEAVENLY—weather. MSH did his weekly mowing/yardwork. I went in and out—enjoying the crisp, morning air. Watering. Puttering. I did some cleaning and several loads of laundry. We were downright pooped by late afternoon. In a really satisfied way.

Today we had a date! MSH and I went to Granbury to see Robert De Niro in The Intern. MSH and I shared a large popcorn (Since you had to pay $1.50 for flavored salts, we opted to be cheap!) and each had a huge Coke Zero. (Yes. We were making a mad dash to the restrooms after two hours of sitting and drinking. We were proud we made it through the entire movie without having to leave.) With us, in the theatre, were six other couples our age—or older. Senior citizens out and about. Wild, right? The other two people in the show were women. Both in their 50s.  A polite, quiet, calm audience. Exactly what MSH and I appreciate. Even better? It was a very charming movie! Funny. Sweet. Sad. Interesting. Cute. Touching. CLEVER. I cried. Sad tears. Twice. (I think MSH had to wipe his eyes with a popcorn napkin a couple of times.) I must say I didn’t expect to be so emotional. I love De Niro. He has a knack for being in great movies. He’s such a powerful/talented actor. It was another good day! No drama. No heart attacks. No snake bites. Laughter and great companionship.  

We arrived home in time (Okay. Okay. We'd missed an hour of the game.) to watch our Texas Rangers’ win the American League Western Division title! It was fantastic. Yesterday we were a teensy-weensy-itty-bitty-bit worried. Worried they weren’t going to be able to accomplish this challenge. They did it! Hallelujah, Fellas! Now let's go ALL THE WAY.

Wishing Y’all a Wonderful Week—Wherever in the World you are…

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