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Wednesday, September 30, 2015



Let me back up a smidge! First--ELC has completely (yet, again!) picked up my major slack. Between the pregnancy and my little "surgery," I have been out. of. it. I think I might finally see the light, though I'm still quite queasy and sleepy in the evenings. When 8:00 rolls around, you can find me under the covers. So, bottom line, you might not count on another post from moi for at least two weeks. I'm just sayin'. HA!

Now, back to the pumpkin--

On Monday, we found out our sweet, little bambino-on-the-way is a...GIRL! We are beyond thrilled. Little Leighton is over the moon--though not surprised. She told Grammy ELC, "I just KNEW the baby was a GIRL!" These pictures were from the homemade "photo shoot" ELC and I staged to announce the gender. It was actually ELC's idea, and I couldn't adore it more! She knows I love all things fall and pumpkin and GIRLIE.

She truly is the "Coolest Sister Ever."

Thank you all for your patience with me!

Happy Fall, y'all!