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Monday, September 21, 2015

...never changing...

Lord, when things go bad, I urgently need a fresh experience of Your goodness. You are always consistent, never changing, constantly fulfilling Your plans and purposes, and totally reliable. There is no shadow of turning with You; as You have been, You will be forever. All Your attributes are summed up in Your goodness. It is the password for Your presence, the metonym for Your majesty, and the synonym for Your strength. Your goodness is the generosity that You define. It is Your outrushing, unqaulified love poured out in graciousness and compassion. You are good when circumstances seem bad. When I ask for Your help, Your goodness can bring what is best out of the most complicated problems.

Dear God, Your mercies are indefatigable, and Your presence sustains me through the day. I seek to glorify You in all I do and say. You provide me strength for this day, guidance in my decisions, vision for the way, courage in adversity, help from above, unfailing empathy, and unlimited love. You never leave me nor forsake me, nor do You ask of me more than You will provide the resources to accomplish.

Thank You for Your goodness given so lavishly to me in the past. Today, again I turn to You for Your guidance for what is good for me, my family and my friends. Keep me grounded in Your sovereignty, rooted in Your commandments, and nurtured by the absolutes of Your truth and righteousness. May Your goodness always be the source of the graciousness I long to be able to express today. In the good name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior.


(from Praying Through the Tough Times by Lloyd John Ogilvie)

Wishing you all a wonderful week...

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