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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Biscuit Loves H3!

I look at this picture and I just have to smile…

Three Saturdays ago, Little Leighton (LL/aka Biscuit), H3 (his three names all begin with a…wait for it…H!), Sunny (H3’s grandmother), Nellie (H3’s Mama), TLC and I got together at Sunny’s beautiful home to celebrate Biscuit and H3’s birthdays! Their birthday parties had been on the same day a few Saturdays prior and we couldn’t attend each others—so we had a “private” hoop-la. (Sometimes "private" hoop-las are truly the happiest!)

I’ve told y’all about Sunny and Nellie in the past. We’ve known them for about 28 years. Sunny lived next door to a friend of mine when we met.  The three of us carpooled our three girls to pre-school for a few years. Nellie was a year older than TLC and the third Sweet Pea friend.

Sunny is pretty, smart, funny, cute, silly, creative/artistic, kind, and caring. (Her hubby is Peggy—y’all remember him? And that's not his real name. I'll try to find the post about his ELC name and share it again soon...) I admire so many things about Sunny and simply could not make it in this world without her friendship. She has three other gorgeous grandchildren and loves every one of them with all of her spirit and soul.

Nellie is her only daughter—in between two handsome brothers—and is also pretty, smart, funny, cute, silly, creative/artistic, athletic (mucho more than moi and TLC—put together—truth), kind and caring. She oozes with personality and spunk! She is The Premier Dental Hygienist in all of Texas. In fact, let's say in all of the USofA.

Sunny and Nellie first met Biscuit when she was just a few months old. Biscuit met H3 (who turned one a few days after Biscuit turned three) when he was also just a few months old. Biscuit is fascinated by H3. H3 is a hot mess! The CUTEST/HANDSOME-EST Little Fella Ever. Full of smiles, giggles, and energy. (I’m pretty sure he weighs as much as Biscuit!)

This day, Sunny ordered our most favourite pizza—(we brought Biscuit her gluten-free pizza and she never knew the difference…)—and made two of the most amazing/yummo/decadent desserts we’d had in a long, long, LONG time! A Paula Deen keylime pie and a layered Chocolate Truffle. Both TDF (to die for…seriously).

TLC and I love and cherish these two girls and this precious little boy—with all of our hearts. We can’t wait to par-tay again—ASAP!

Hope Y’all are having a Wonderful Week…wherever in the world you are...

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