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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

these two...sheesh...

These two dogs. What a life they each lead. Sleep. Eat. Go outside. Come back in. Beg. (For people food. Neither gets more than a few morsels of that each day. Well, actually, Buddy Bear does get two ginger snaps from My Sweet Hubby, aka MSH, every afternoon around 4:00. We buy them three packages at a time. Occasionally he gets a third snap from moi. I can be manipulated without too much trouble. Believe me: Buddy Bear knows when MSH has passed Cookie Time. He follows him around wherever he goes and wishes, with all of his sweet heart, he could talk and say: Hey! Get me my cookies! STAT. Henry always has Little Leighton ready and willing to give him a treat or two.) Sleep. Eat. Play (in Henry’s case—not so much Buddy Bear’s…Buddy is mostly sedentary...sigh…). Sleep some more. I’d say pretty heavenly, right?

MSH and I cannot quite figure out why Teddy Buddy Boo Bear puts his head under our bed. Does this help him in trying not to hear us while we talk? Is it cooler? Darker? He does this at some point nearly every day.

Then there’s Henry. His favorite place to be is TLC’s and Her Hubby’s bedroom. Either behind that chair or in their closet. He has a monogrammed bed in their Great Room. He does love it—just not quite as much as his Masters’ Bedroom. This dog gives us all such laughs! He has uber personality and extremely sad/expressive eyes. It feels like he’s looking into your soul when he targets you to attempt to wind you around his paw.

Buddy Bear was adopted by us when he was 4. He’s now 8. Henry is quite “Royal” and came to live with TLC and Her Hubby when he was an itty-bitty puppy. He's now 4. They couldn’t be more different if they could consciously try. Both are members of our families and we can’t imagine our lives without them.

ta-ta for now, Dearest Friends…hope you have a lovely week...

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