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Sunday, September 6, 2015

This holiday...

Labor Day 2015, has an extra-special meaning to The Leightons. TLC is going to be in LABOR next March! Yes—she and Her Hubby are expecting their second child. Little Leighton (LL/Biscuit) will be a Big Sister! Biscuit's a tidbit confused—at this point. She seems to be as excited as a 3-year-old can be at this new development. When you tell her it could be a boy or a girl, she is adamant the baby will be a “sister.” Perhaps an “Eeekkkkkk!!!!!!!” will be appropriate in a few weeks—if TLC finds out they have a boy on the way. We feel confident LL will adjust…right???

Y’all know what this means: I’ll be doing 3/4ths of our posts for the next year-ish. I’m crossing my fingers most of you didn’t just have this thought: Oh. Geez.

Hope each of you has had a lovely weekend so far…and that you’ll continue to enjoy your time off—if you do, in fact, have time off—and the beginning of TLC’s most favourite season—FALL! Woo Hoo!

love and smooches and hugs…ta-ta for now

p.s.: It's September! Wwhhhaaaattttt??????