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Thursday, May 12, 2016

a day of (near) perfection...

My Sweet Hubby (MSH) loves loves LOVES to go watch the Texas Rangers play baseball in Arlington, Texas. We don’t go more than once or twice a season. Last year, the season came and went and we never got a game put into our busy (?) schedule. That was ridiculous.

This past Monday, as MSH and I looked at our week, he said: “I sure wish we could go to a Rangers’ game soon.” He found their schedule on-line and told me there was a game at 1:05 on Wednesday (yesterday). Positively perfect for us! We live about 90 minutes from the ballpark. We’d avoid the morning work traffic and we could possibly avoid the bad bad BAD evening traffic. I got busy. Autumn’s son, Nick, is a Biggie in the Ticket Department for the Texas Rangers. (Not his actual job description or the technical name of his department!) I’ve known him since he and Tracey were 3 years old! (I’ve posted about my special friendship with his Mom, Autumn, and her guys—and puppy dog gals—several times in the past years. Nick has always been a favourite of mine. I still maintain he could have been a Disney movie STAR when he was a toddler/child/adolescent. CUTE? He was the cutest. Now he's a handsome, smart, kind, funny young man!) He's made sure, in the past, that we’ve gotten great seats! Seats that are covered—from the wind, rain and hot hot HOT Texas sun.

I began texting Nick Monday mid-morning. By 5:00 we had our tickets emailed to us and we were beyond excited!

Yesterday was perfect. We had an uneventful (but nice) car trip to the ballpark. The stadium was much more crowded than we expected—for a weekday and since most schools are not yet out. Yet we didn’t have to wait too long in any line for our lunch, etc. The weather was GREAT. We had a delightful breeze and didn’t have to worry about a sunburn!

We had one little incident that made us laugh—yet amazed us. The audacity of some people. We were sitting in our seats, with MSH in the aisle seat and me next to him. We had two people that came to our (short) row halfway through the game. A couple. Very nice. On the row in front of us, six of the eight seats were filled. We thought all six of the people were together. The (big—I had to look around him the entire game to see the batters at homeplate) man in front of me talked alot to the lady next to him.

During the 7th inning, said man got up and left. The couple next to him stood to let him pass by them. You have to do that—the seats/rows are soooooooo close together. It’s almost impossible to get by someone without them having to stand up. I suppose tiny, skinny people, or small children, might not have to stand. Our seats were great—because we didn’t have to disturb anyone when we needed to leave.

When the man came back, he stood right beside MSH. Never said a word. Never asked us if we’d mind him going by us so he could crawl over his seat to sit back down. Just stood. And stared. It took us both a minute to realize he was the man sitting in front of me and he clearly wanted us to stand up and let him get to his seat. He obviously didn’t want to disturb the people next to him—again—but had no problem disturbing us.

Now, here’s the deal, in my humble opinion: You shouldn’t bother people on another row to get to your seat. It’s an unwritten rule at ballgames, movies, plays, concerts, etc., right?

You may be required to stand up—several times—to let people on your row leave or come back to their seats. It is what it is.

Once we realized what his intentions were, we looked at each other, smiled, and stood up. Being a BIG man, I also had to kind of step to the side of my seat as he crawled over his to get back to his place.

Never turned around and thanked us. He COULD talk. We saw him do it. Throughout the entire game.

RUDE people amaze me. RUDE. ENTITLED. THOUGHTLESS people. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? I would never consider doing something like that without apologizing and thanking the people I was unnecessarily disturbing. Sheesh.

MSH and I decided to shake our heads and laugh. We were determined he wasn’t ruining our GREAT day!

The Texas Rangers WON!!! Beat the Chicago White Sox, 6-5, in the last game of the series.

MSH got to eat his nachos, peanuts, $1 hot dog and have a giant lemonade. (The days of cold beer have gotten fewer and fewer and farther apart in his life…bless his heart…)

When we left a tidbit early (middle of the top of the 8th), we were faced with traffic that looked like it was going to be challenging. It wasn’t all that awful. YIPPEE!!!

Here’s hoping each of Y’all has a Thursday, Friday, and weekend full of FUN times, nice family members/friends/people, successful experiences and PEACE. Happy HAPPY HAPPY Peace!

Love and Smooches and Hugs!