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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Sing-A-Long!

I’m home. About to clean two fridges. I mean CLEAN. Take everything out. Purge. Discard expired things (shouldn’t be much—TLC LOVES to do this job when she’s here…winky wink…). Wash out the bins. Clean out all pockets. (Sigh. I’d rather be outside.)

Then I need to bake about 48 cupcakes. To freeze. For next weekend. (Memorial Day Weekend in the U.S.ofA. We have at least four—possibly all five—of our kids and their tribes coming for a couple of nights to celebrate—belatedly—My Sweet Hubby’s [MSH] birthday.) I’m not The Baker/Pastry Chef in this family. That would be TLC. But, since she has a newborn and a BUSY almost-4-year-old, I’ve decided I can do this. I CAN DO THIS. Right?

SOOO…I’m going to listen to my iPod (Yes--iPod!) and the songs on my iPhone—using my 12-year-old Bose speakers. Clean and Bake and SING!!!

I thought I’d share some (a fraction) of the songs I positively adore with Y’all! I truly believe you should check them out on iTunes—if you’re not familiar with them. (I have extremely good taste in music—just sayin’…teeheehee. Well, okay. TLC may not always agree with this statement. Her music? I occasionally have to plead with her: Please, TLC, in the name of all that is good, kind and decent, PLEASE turn that off.)

I am a HUMONGOUS Country Music Fan. As Y’all must know by now. I've shared, though, that I love many genres of music. Christian. ROCK. Broadway. Pop. A little jazz (mostly when I'm in New Orleans). Some classical. (Not much opera—although I do know every word to every song from Phantom of the Opera! Does that count at all?)

Here, now, are just a few of the songs I’m going to rock out on, or cry to, this Sweet Saturday in North Central Texas (these are all from my cell as I haven't dug my iPod out of my nightstand yet):

All of Me—John Legend

Already Gone—Sugarland

Amazing Grace—Joey and Rory (Tears fall. Every. Single. Time.)

Because He Lives (Amen)—Matt Maher

Better as a Memory—Kenny Chesney

Biscuits—Kacey Musgraves (Little Leighton…aka Biscuit…thinks this song is WONDERFUL. However, once she’s old enough to understand the words? I will be explaining to her that we have to change some of them. Oops. And now you're looking it up before you finish this post.)

Crazy Girl—Eli Young Band

The Edge of Glory—Lada Gaga

He Thinks He’ll Keep Her—Mary Chapin Carpenter

Highway 20 Ride—Zac Brown Band

I Don’t Believe You—Pink

I Get to Love You—Ruelle

I Won’t Let Go—Rascal Flatts

Let It Go—Idina Menzel (Did you catch the irony of this one and the one before it? Ha. And DUH—Disney songs are played A LOT now in my life...a heckuva lot…together with Sesame Street songs. This is the truth, as I cannot tell a lie: I cherish them all.)

Run—Matt Nathanson (featuring Sugarland)

Someone Like You—Adele (Double Duh…)

The Story—Sara Ramirez

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again—Danny Gokey (This one could knock you to your knees. I suggest you Google the words. POWERFUL. I’d even tell you to read up on his background.)

A Thousand Years—Christina Perri

Wake Me Up—Aloe Blacc

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) [Live]—Matt Redman

Hey—check a few of these out! I think you’ll find several you’ll decide you MUST have in your own personal Library of Tunes.

Happy Happy HAPPY Weekend, Silly Friends Everywhere!