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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Coast Mode...

Not the West Coast. Or East Coast. Or Texas Coast. The “I’m-Just-Trying-To-Get-Through-The-Rest-Of-This-Week” Coast.

Monday TLC was going to post. Baby Elle was having a rough day. Tuesday I drove North East to stay two nights with TLC et al. Hoped TLC could post that night. No such luck. We’re not sure what we did that day, but it went by fast and furious and, at bedtime, no post had occurred.

Yesterday was one of those horrible/awful/terrible days you just want to end. As fast as possible.

Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) woke up way too early—for the second day in a row—saying she wanted “to see the stars.” FYI: One cannot really see too many stars from TLC’s casa. On the upside: LL thinks any light she sees outside a window at night is a star—so that helps. I took LL upstairs to the playroom and let her have my iPhone to play a (free) Disney Jr. App I quickly downloaded. I had no idea how the night had gone for TLC, Her Hubby (HH), and Baby Elle. I suspected they were all still asleep—at 6:00 a.m.

I told Biscuit she had to give me my phone at breakfast and wouldn’t be able to play again until after school. Her class was having “Muffins with Mom” at 9:00 a.m. and I was keeping Baby Elle for the first time—by myself—while TLC attended this much-anticipated event. She said: "Okay, Grammy! I will." Right. And she has a bridge she'd like to sell me.

Well, I don’t need to bore y’all with all of the gory details of the morning that went straight to H*LL. I can share a few of the not-funny hitches: LL went ballistic when I tried to get my phone away from her at 8:00. She refused to wear the positively lovely Matilda Jane dress her Mom had found—on sale—and had hyped, with LL, for weeks. Eventually, around 8:28, Biscuit said she didn’t even want to go to school. (She has never, ever, EVER said that. Not once this school year.)

TLC took her—dragging and screaming—late. And wishing, for just about an hour—that she’d reconsidered the whole “MOM” thing a few years back. When she came home, we took turns cuddling Baby Elle and doing some housecleaning chores. TLC was mucho recovered.

Because HH had gone for take-out the night before, I offered to make a run to the local Sprouts store to get some chicken and veggies  to cook (TLC--not me, of course. Hahaha.) for dinner. While at Sprouts, my American Express card was declined. DECLINED. Twice. A card I’ve had for over 16 years and have never once been a second late on paying. My Sweet Hubby (MSH) has had his card—and I’ve used it many, many, many times—for well over 40 years. Same excellent credit history. I was mortified/embarrassed/humiliated as the cute cashier—who had just minutes before told me she liked my hair—cheerily said the word “Declined” in a loud voice. TWICE. I sounded like everyone who says these words: This is a mistake. This has never happened to me before.

It had NOT ever happened to me. Ever. Heads were going to roll.  

After lunch, TLC took Baby Elle with her to go to her 6-week checkup with her OB/GYN. I was in the church parking lot to pick up TLC from school when TLC called me. (Actually, I was on hold with American Express—having been told the problem with my “declined” card was that they didn’t have my physical address in their computer. I hung up. I won’t even go into the lecture they received from me before I hung up. Furious doesn’t adequately express my feelings. I had to call them back late last night.)

TLC was in tears. LL’s teacher had called her minutes before to tell her they had mistakenly given LL a blueberry muffin for an afternoon snack. A muffin with gluten. After an entire school year of never once making that mistake, the teachers had forgotten she has Celiac. TLC was devastated. Scared. Angry. Shocked.

When I arrived at LL’s class, both teachers were in tears. Apologized over and over for the mistake. I told them I was sure LL would be okay.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. In less than two hours, LL was violently ill. It was a nightmare for three hours—she couldn’t keep water down. She finally fell into a deep sleep around 6:00. She woke up at 10:00 p.m. Felt better. Said she was hungry. Ate some apple slices and a piece of toast with almond butter. Went back to sleep at 11:00 and slept until almost 7:45 this morn.

Today Biscuit's been better. No vomiting. She is not 100%. She’ll get there. She doesn’t understand she’s going to have to advocate for herself—SOON. When someone gives her food, she’s going to have to learn to ask if it’s gluten-free. And bravely say she can’t have it if it’s not. Our hearts  will remain forever broken about this. It is what it is.

I was always going to bring her back home with me today. It was in question last night. She would have been beyond sad if we’d cancelled this trip. She loves to be here. We all made the decision for her to come with me. MSH and I treasure every minute she’s with us. We'll take her home Saturday.

Could our lives have been worse this week? Yep. Much. Are we working to keep up a positive/hopeful attitude about tomorrow and this weekend? Absolutely. Will there be a post in the next three to four days from TLC? Probably not. From moi? I have no clue.

Honestly, I’m in Coast Mode at this time…may be coasting for weeks. Months. Years. Life's a mystery to me.

Here’s hoping Y’all’s Friday is Fabulous and Y’all’s Weekend is WONDERFUL.