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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

From the Beginning to the End...

I’m taking a quick break from cleaning/organizing my casa to share a picture I took of My Sweet Hubby (MSH) a month-ish ago. He didn’t know I was taking it. If he reads this, it’ll be the first time he’s seeing it.

As a sort-of New Year’s Resolution (I’ve shared in the past that we don’t really make resolutions. However, occasionally we take the opportunity to say—out loud—what we intend to try to change. Do. Or not do.), MSH decided to read the Bible. From beginning to end. He’s never done this in his almost 72 years on this Earth. I’ve read it twice—from beginning to end. The second time I accomplished this was way over thirty years ago. It’s a challenge/gift I need to give to myself—soon.

MSH might have missed four or five mornings of reading—since January 1st. He’s quite committed. I’m beyond proud. You see, he’s shared with me that growing up he never liked to read. Says he wasn’t a good reader. He felt like he read too slowly—compared to other kids at school. In college, he read what he had to…nothing more. After college, and until about fifteen years ago when he made the decision to start reading books, he enjoyed magazines and newspapers. They weren’t as much of a commitment as a book. (He’s now read many, many, MANY books—bestsellers and books about WWII. Autobiographies. Inspirational. Fantastic books. He’s actually got four waiting to be read as I type. Books aren’t currently on our gift list for MSH—he’s behind. The Bible is his #1 priority.)

He would admit to any and everyone that he was not a good speller. With the advent of computers and spell-check, I’m happy to report he’s gotten much better over time! If he doesn’t know how to spell a word? He’ll ask me. If I don’t know? He'll look it up. Because he WANTS to be a good speller. Despite the fact he's retired and it might not be that big of a deal, at this point in his life. He’s not one to do crossword puzzles. Neither of us enjoy them. We realize we’re supposed to be doing them—to ward off Alzheimer’s and/or memory issues. We both dislike them--immensely. They make me feel ignorant—and I don’t like that feeling. We read all day long. From lots of sources. We certainly hope we’re doing enough to keep our fading brain cells alive and kickin’.

Back to the Bible: MSH and I have what we call our “Bible Study” at least once a week. He tells me where he is and what’s happening and we discuss our thoughts on what we believe we’re to learn. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we often have quite different ideas during these discussions. God. Heaven. Hell. We have opinions about each of these based on our upbringing or our individual experiences. We truly enjoy the other’s thoughts and feelings! Although we might not always totally comprehend what the other is expressing, we try to be open and learn from each other.

This week MSH has a birthday. Four of his five children—one is currently iffy—and at least five of his seven grandchildren—will be coming to our home to help him celebrate. I’ve bragged on him many times in the past: I was blessed by God to meet and marry this man. I honestly believe he was my fate. He’s a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and friend. He’s smart, handsome, funny, kind, silly, wise, handy, hard-working, loyal, dependable, and trustworthy. (Yes, he might drive me nuttier than anyone else on Earth. He knows this. I do the same to him. We’ve always made it through the tough stuff and for that we are endlessly grateful to Our Lord God Almighty.) I’ve spent 39 birthdays with MSH. I remember many of them! (He would remember NONE of mine…teeheehee…not without me reminding him about them. That’s okay. I understand men don’t have the same brain capacity for the past as women. They don't! It's fact.) I pray to God every single day of my life that we have mucho more birthdays together.

I cherish, adore and love this man.