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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Camp Gram-Pa!

Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) needed a short break. From Baby Elle’s crying. (When Baby Elle is hungry, which is quite often, she lets everyone know. For miles. Plus—she’s been teething for at least a month. And she’s not even four months old yet. Yikes.) So Grammy and Pa-Pa invited LL to their country “Camp."

My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH aka Pa-Pa) and I met TLC halfway between our homes last Wednesday morn. Picked up LL and off we went to Camp Gram-Pa.

The first afternoon involved LL playing with her toys at our casa and working in her “Office.” I also took her to town for a quick haircut with her favourite stylist. (At how many camps do they offer that service, Mom?)

Thursday morn, bright and early, LL, MSH and I boarded the Ranger and went to feed the catfish at the Big Tank. The silly things wouldn’t stop swimming around so LL could get an accurate count!

After Ranger Ridin’, we stayed outside for a couple of hours, watering my garden, bubble-blowing, and monitoring the comings and goings of Buddy Bear, Hunter and many, many, MANY birds. Including a Mama bird going in and out of a birdhouse we have near our outdoor kitchen/arbor.

Biscuit’s Advice: Be sure to always have binoculars on hand!

That afternoon, we had to stay inside, out of the EXTREME , evil, oppressive Texas Heat. LL worked on Art Projects…

…watched a few of her favourite shows on television, and played “Library.” She’s the Librarian, of course. MSH, Buddy Bear and I were the visitors who tried to decide which books to checkout. We could only take two. Library Policy, apparently.

Bedtime found all of us completely exhausted from the first full day of non-stop Camp activities!

Friday morn, we headed East to Fort Worth—to their WONDERFUL Children’s Museum. We roamed the exhibits, watched a planetarium show narrated by Big Bird and Elmo, had a picnic with our gluten-free lunch in their Cafe, and thoroughly examined everything in their gift store!

The first picture shows Biscuit in front of a corn snake. We were quite ecstatic he/she was fully contained. Even though we understand she/he is not poisonous. It’s a snake. Nuff said. (Grammy actually saw one of these at her country casa five-ish years back. Near their well/pumphouse. It was three times that size. Grammy promptly ran inside and stayed. For days.) The second picture shows Biscuit in a different outfit. Because who doesn’t change into an Elsa dress halfway through their museum experience? (I used every Grammy trick/argument in my Grammy’s Arsenal of Persuasive Tactics to talk LL out of changing. It was useless. And, Grammy decided, not a big deal.)

A FANTASTIC time was had by all!

After dinner, Biscuit took her bath early, donned her jammies (Grammy donned her jammies, too), and the four of us—Biscuit, MSH, Buddy Bear and Grammy/ELC—walked over to our Barn apartment to spend the night! Hunter already lives over there—in the comfy, enclosed Barn and Loft, where he is to do his mouse-eliminating job.

LL has only spent the night there one other time in her nearly four years on this Earth. When here, she loves to go over, several times, to check things out. Watch a show or two on the television. Help us with Hunter’s water, food and (“Yucky!”) litterbox. I’d tried to remember to record some of her shows on that DVR. I’d forgotten. Sigh.

When we turned on the Disney Jr. channel, they were playing the movie Planes.

LL: Grammy, I can’t watch this.
ELC: Why? (I was quite confused.)
LL: It’s a boys’ movie.
ELC: Well, Miss Biscuit, I think Amelia Earhart and many, many “girl” fighter and airline pilots would be disappointed in you. (Grammy and Mama have some work/educatin' to do on this one. Sheesh.)

I changed the channel to Nick Jr. She watched a “girl” show that just happened to be on and nearly passed out from sheer sleepiness. All of us had a lovely night of ZZZs.

With sadness, MSH and I drove Our Precious Biscuit home Saturday—leaving late morning. We had our “truck” picnic lunch, listened to the music on my iPhone, and relived our adventures. She was sad Camp had ended—but was also tres happy to see her Mom, Dad and Baby Sister. (Who was still crying when we arrived. Baby Sister. Not Mom. Winky. Wink.)

We all pinky-swore we’d do Camp Gram-Pa II in a few weeks!

Hoping each of you has a FABULOUS Friday and WONDERFUL Weekend. Go camping! Watch Planes! Get some fresh air! Do some “art!” Be cool! Be at peace.

ta-ta for now, Sweet Friends Everywhere…smooch.