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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Breakfast Bible Study

I’ve shared with Y’all that My Sweet Hubby (MSH) is reading The Bible. From cover to cover. He never had done this before. Not where he read it from beginning to end. He started on January 1st and is making great progress. The Bible he’s reading has explanations/interpretations to each chapter. So it’s taking him some time. He’s still in the Old Testament. He’s found it fascinating. Inspiring. Confusing. Amazing. Shocking. Encouraging. Difficult. Important. He tells me, often, he’s feeling a peace he’s never really had before. Wow. That makes me incredibly happy. (And I need some of that peace—for sure. Today.)

Yesterday morning, as we headed East to celebrate Little Leighton’s (LL aka Biscuit) birthday, I told MSH I follow Anne Graham Lotz on Twitter. She’d posted a tweet that said: Pray like Daniel. I asked him what he thought she meant. Since he’s two books away from Daniel, he said he’d research it for me this morning. He reads every day around 5:30 a.m. For about an hour. He makes me proud.

So, bright and early today, we had Bible Study while eating breakfast. (This is a picture of his plate. Yes. It’s an egg. On scrambled eggs.

The fried egg is a pheasant egg. MSH gets pheasant and quail eggs from Kit—our dear, special friend that is our family hair stylist. She has been for thirty years. She and her Hubby have a marvelous garden and many kinds of birds that lay eggs. She shares their bounty with us and others at her shop. We're all quite lucky. I can’t, though, bring myself to even try a pheasant egg. I can’t explain why. I’ve stated many times to Y’all I am NOT NOT NOT an adventurous eater. I don’t like to be brave and eat things that don’t sound appetizing to me. Pheasant eggs are certainly pretty and cute—I simply don’t want one. MSH, ontheotherhand, will try anything. Anywhere. Any time. Although I do admire this courage, I’ve no intentions of acting outside of the rather-strict-and smallish range of my normal eating/dining preferences. Period. End of story.)

By The Way: I did cook those scrambled eggs. I don’t have a large repertoire of food I cook or prepare, but I have some things I am EXCELLENT at cooking. Scrambled eggs are one of my go-to meals that everyone compliments. It’s kind of embarrassing. I accept graciously, however, all compliments of anything I fix. Simple though most of it is. (I think the key to my prep of scrambled eggs is the fact that I stand and stir them constantly in the frying pan. I do NOT like crunchy eggs. Not even a tiny bit of crunch. I do understand most people don’t have time to do this. Or even want to. It’s my egg thing. What can I say?)

While we ate, MSH told me he’d looked ahead at Daniel. Bible Study commenced. I LOVE to hear his thoughts. I’m truly serious. I’ll now try to sum up his Breakfast Lecture:

Daniel prayed every day. Every day. At a time when the King did not want anyone to pray to God at all—much less every day. When someone told the King Daniel was doing this, the King sent people to spy on Daniel. (He now, at this point, compared the King’s spies to peeps in the leadership of a Home Owner’s Association. HOA. I’m not kidding. I can't make this stuff up.)

MSH: You know—HOA authorities drive around looking for violations of their “rules.” And they give warnings. Then the person breaking the rules is told they’re out of warnings. Daniel was warned. But he, of course, didn’t care. He kept praying. Every day. He was thrown to the lions by the King. Daniel didn’t seem to have even been worried about this—as he had faith that God was going to take care of him. If, in fact, he lost his life to the lions, then that was what God decided had to be his destiny. Of course, Daniel was saved. I think when Anne Lotz says “Pray like Daniel,” she clearly means pray every day. Faithfully. Every day. Don’t ever stop. Don’t let anyone stop you. Believe that God will take care of you.

Of course, I've known the story of Daniel in the Lions' Den since I was a teensy tot. We all know it, right? But I loved MSH's version. He is interesting. Kind. Determined. Loyal. Faithful. And funny. The man is F.U.N.N.Y. (Even though he doesn’t intend to be.)

Hope Y’all are having a Sweet Sunday—wherever in the World you are! Have a Wonderful Week, too!

(Read the Bible. Think. Pray. Discuss. Encourage. Pray some more. For this World. It’s in a big, BIG mess, Y'all. Makes me cry. Too often now.)

p.s.: I could have heard some of this wrong. It was now five hours ago. And I don't have a photographic memory. Forgive me (and MSH) if any of this is not completely accurate. Some of you Bible experts may think we're both a bit off. MSH is still studying/learning. I'm just the lucky person who is honored to listen to his Bible stories and his thoughts and theories.

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