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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

different is okay...

My sister-in-law's brother's girlfriend took this wonderful picture of Little Leighton over the weekend. I love it! We were celebrating our sweet niece's first birthday. We made our own ice cream--it was gluten-free and delicious! (My SIL had checked on all of this for us ahead of time. The employees there were great and knowledgable!) Behind her in the photo, you can see a little lunchbox. This is LL's. It travels to all parties with us. LL, though she may not fully understand, will tell you she has Celiac Disease. She asks me, rather frequently, if this or that is gluten-free--right down to the hand soap we use (yes--it can even be in soap). She knows she's different, though we work hard to make sure that doesn't translate negatively. Different is okay. We just don't want that to make her feel lonely. LL has been poked and prodded more in her short little life than I have in my 32 years. She turns four very soon--too soon. On an Instagram post I made a few days ago, I mentioned my emotions regarding this quickly approaching birthday were equal parts disbelief--in how quickly the time has gone--and pride--in what a brave, strong little lady she is. Motherhood is bittersweet. Though I wish she could stay here--in this moment--a bit longer, I'm learning change is one of God's greatest gifts. Little Leighton, and her sister, Baby Elle, will always be my very best gifts. God is good. God's grace is amazing.