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Sunday, July 17, 2016


O God of love, give me a fresh experience of Your love today. Help me to think about how much You love me with unqualified acceptance and forgiveness. May the tone and tenor of my words to the people in my life be an expression of Your love. You have called me to love as You have loved me. Help me to love those with whom I find it difficult to bear and those who find it a challenge to bear with me.

Show me practical ways to express love in creative ways. May I lift burdens rather than become one; may I add to people’s strength rather than being a source of stress. Place on my agenda the particular people to whom You have called me to communicate Your love. And give me that resolve of which great days are made:

If no one else does, Lord, I will!

Place in my mind loving thoughts and feelings for the people in my life. Show me caring things I can do to enact what’s in my heart. Direct specific acts of caring You have motivated in my heart. Don’t let me forget, Lord. Give me the will to act, to say what I feel.

Through Him who is Your amazing Grace. Amen.

From: Praying Through the Tough Times. By Lloyd John Ogilvie.

I needed this prayer today. (Actually, it’s probably one I could pray every day.)
I hope each of you are happy, healthy and experiencing PEACE on this beautiful Sunday—Wherever in the World you are!

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