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Thursday, September 8, 2016

his and hers...

This post relates to the preceding post. About our 38th wedding anniversary.

First: My Sweet Hubby (MSH) has given me some of the BEST MOST AWESOME gifts in our over-39 years together. I mean AMAZING. Some I’d call expensive. (Anything over $100!) Never extravagant. Never anything we could NOT afford. Some small and sweet. (Many pieces of David Yurman jewelry. Bracelets. Three rings. A cross necklace I wear every day of my life. If you aren't familiar with Yurman jewelry and Google it? Don't even believe I have the pieces that only kazillionaires could afford. I'm talking the lovely, simple pieces.)

All thoughtful. All bought with his on-going fear that the gift-du-jour wasn’t going to be good enough. Wasn’t something I’d really want. Or would love. He was ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wrong. I’ve loved everything. (Yes, I may have hinted at many. TLC may have helped him with a few. Yes,  in the past, I occasionally had to exchange some clothes’ items for a different size. Always up, bless his SMART heart. Twenty-ish years ago he quit buying clothes entirely. It was the right thing to do. Winky. Wink.)

Because I went East—to TLC’s casa—two days before our anniversary last week—and then, on our actual anniversary, we had overnight company, we decided to give our “cards” to each other this past Sunday. I say “cards” because, frankly, for the past five-ish years we’ve encouraged each other to NOT spend money on gifts. We truly are lucky to have everything we need. Or to be able to buy everything we need for ourselves. Couple that with the fact we’re trying to DOWNSIZE—aka GET RID OF STUFF—we’ve enjoyed our “card” surprises. A lot.  MSH’s are very VERY innerstin. FUNNY. Silly. TOUCHING. (He usually does 2-4!)

Second: As Y’all know, MSH has been reading The Bible. From cover to cover. (See my post entitled: From the Beginning to the End…on May 24, 2016.) He’d been saying—for weeks and weeks—that he wanted me to use his Bible to do the same thing. I said I would. When he was finished.

Now, PLEASE do NOT ask me why I thought I needed to wait. Why, you might ask, couldn’t you simply read it when he’s not? At a different time of the day? That’s a good question.

My (lame) answer/excuse: Both of us do the majority of our reading when we wake up each morning. Typically, most days start at 5:00 a.m. for us. MSH will admit to you he’s a slow reader. I’m fast. By the time he’s finished reading—some days he reads for 30 minutes—sometimes it’s an hour or more—I’ve gotten up and have begun my day.

Okay, so now you ask: Why couldn’t you read it in the evening? My answer: What few brain cells I have working after 4:00 p.m. are SLEEPY. When I try to read? I’m out. Like a light. Actually, I’m out if I sit very still. Y’all know I watch A LOT of TV. What you don’t know is I’m asleep through 75% of those shows!!! Not exaggerating much. Unfortunately.

Third: About three weeks ago, I tried to find, on Amazon, the exact Bible MSH reads. With no success. I could find "Revised" versions. MSH wanted me to have the EXACT one. I considered contacting the publisher. Never quite got around to it. I also told myself it was kind of silly—to have two copies of the same Bible.

When we woke up on Sunday morning, I could tell MSH was anxious to exchange our anniversary cards! He asked me three times in fifteen minutes if I was ready. (The truth was I hadn’t signed his card yet! It was on my desk in my old office/now-it’s-back-to-being-a-guest-room.)

Sheesh, I thought. He clearly needs to move on with his day. I drug myself out of bed—went to retrieve it—and met him back in our bedroom. When I got back into bed, he came in—with something behind his back. It was The Bible! He was beaming from ear-to-ear. I was crying. CRYING. I was borderline sobbing.

ELC: How did you find this?
MSH: TLC. When you told her you’d tried to find one and couldn’t, she went to work on it. She found it! She ordered it and I paid her back. Don't let her tell you I forgot. (Teeheehee.)
ELC: Bless her heart. I love you both with every fiber of my being!

Here’s a picture of Our Matching Bibles:

Yes, I’ve begun reading Genesis. MSH is quite proud of me, thank-you-very-much.

Hope Y’all have a Fabulous Friday! A Wonderful Weekend! Most of all, I truly TRULY hope someone surprises you with your BEST. GIFT. EVER.


The Leightons said...

The day I searched for it on Amazon, I was only coming up with "used" copies. I really wanted to find you a new one! I went back a second time to look and noticed I could click on a "new" tab. I did! And that's when I found it via a "store" that had just opened--THAT DAY. Talk about "Divine Intervention." I'm so proud of you and Daddy! --tlc

The Leightons said...

That is sooo awesome, TLC. He didn't tell me that! I love this part of My Bible Story! THANK YOU. I love you, too, Dearest Daughter.