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Friday, September 16, 2016


Little Leighton is a hoot, y'all! I have three (quick) stories to share.


Last Saturday, LL discovered koozies for the first time. My Hubby had his beer in one. I had a La Croix in one. LL asked where she could find one for her water bottle. This is what she came back with:

Of course she would select the "King of Beers."

Throughout the rest of this week, I've periodically caught her with another koozie-clad bottle:


On Monday night, I was putting Baby Elle to bed, when I get a text from My Hubby (he and LL were in the living room watching an "Elena" episode). He said: LL switched the TV to QVC. And she loves it. He then quickly followed up with: She says, "I bet Mama would like this show."

They were selling clothes for women. Of course I would like it, LL! We sure love to shop.


This morning, she handed me this squirt bottle from her little cleaning set. Our conversation is as follows:

Me: What's this for?
LL: It's your wine. It's actually Rosemary Wine.
Me: Oh, wow. Thank you.
LL: You can just squirt it in your mouth!

She then proceeded to squirt some "wine" into my mouth.

I think she's on to something!

Let's just hope the teachers at her Methodist Church Preschool thinks she's as funny as we do. Teeheehee.


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