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Monday, September 19, 2016

Ralph...not Marco...

I do all of our laundry. Always have. I don’t mind. I think I’ve confessed I’m not the best at getting it from the basket—once it’s clean and dried—to our drawers. Or taking the hanging clothes from the utility room to our closets. I’m a little slow-ish on both of those jobs!

I attempt to be more responsible and timely. In fact, now that I'm thinking about it—I’m probably 50% better than I used to be! Since My Sweet Hubby (MSH) retired 3 ½ years ago—and I did, too—I would say I’ve improved on this time-frame. Instead of taking 4 days to get it all where it should go—I can get it done in 2 days. Or less!

Socks drive me INSANE. As they do Y’all. As they do ALL of Y'all. We’re the same on this, right? No matter where we live. Where the heck do they go? MSH has two sock drawers in his closet (I have one—but I also have a hosiery/girdle/slip drawer. I suppose we’re basically even.). One drawer is for his “work/yardwork/tennis shoes/boot’” socks. The other for his “nicer” socks. He doesn’t wear “nice” socks all that often any more. Maybe once a week. Out to eat—mostly for dinner. Doctors’ appointments. Funerals. Etc.

TLC scolds MSH periodically when he attempts to wear loafers/boat shoes with those white tennis shoe socks. (Not knee—the shorter versions. Crew? And, hey, no black ones. That's a good thing.) She says: Do NOT wear socks with those shoes. Period.

He usually can’t stand it—to go without socks. However, he does try to comply with her fashion suggestions. He recently found some of those little half/golf socks that he likes and wears with his tennies or loafers. TLC doesn’t approve. She agrees their not as bad as the other/higher socks he longs to get away with. These he found are made by Ralph Lauren. They have the little “horse” on each side. (MSH’s horses are either maroon or navy. He says they’re brown and black. Trust me. They're not. Sigh.) You have to match them up—so the appropriate horse is on the appropriate foot. On the outside of said foot—to be specific.

Here was a conversation we had a few days ago…

MSH: Have you had a chance to check your sock drawer—to see if my missing Marco Polo sock is in it?

ELC: That would be your Ralph Lauren Polo sock.

MSH: My what? They’re not Marco Polo?

ELC: No. They’re Ralph Lauren. And, no. I haven’t had a chance.

(I truly believe said sock is gone. Forever. I don’t know where and I don’t know why. Sheesh.)

Sadly, I knew immediately what he meant. After over thirty-nine years together, I usually do.

Hope y’all have a Marvelous Monday and Wonderful Week—wherever in the World you are! (Please don't lose your socks…)

ta-ta for now…

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