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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Flintstone...Hot Messes...Pretty? Nails...TuTu Cute

I spent the past three nights/four days at TLC’s. I was there to Grammy Nanny—help out with Little Leighton (LL) and Baby Elle while Mom ran some errands—Mom and Dad had an afternoon away—Mom did some cooking/cleaning. Etc. The Plan: Help Mom and Dad maybe even get a teeny bit more sleep that usual. If possible.

These little girls have my heart and soul wrapped around their tiny selves.

While Mom and Dad were having their “Day Date” Saturday afternoon, LL, Baby Elle and I spent some time out in the front yard/driveway. Getting some sun/Vitamin D. Watching for birds and cars to fly/drive by. LL decided to show Baby Elle what she’d be old enough to do in a year or so. She got into this “car” and pedaled around the driveway. I kept calling her LL Flintsone—since one pedals it with one’s feet. That, naturally, was meaningless to her. It will be interesting to see if she can truly share this qausi-vehicle with her sister someday. LL received it for her 1st birthday from her Mom and Dad. She’s getting clear about what SHE owns and what Baby Elle does or will own. This could be one of those things she decides she is NOT going to share. Even if she can’t fit into it. We’ll see…

This. Baby. Elle. She is the quintessential “HOT MESS.” She is either charming you with her precious smile and/or laughter and/or “stories”—or she is screaming her pretty head off because of hunger or exhaustion or…well, sometimes we simply aren’t sure what she’s decided to scream about. She makes her Mama T.I.R.E.D. She cracks her Grammy up.

We played “LL’s Beauty Salon” and I had my nails done by The Owner. (Yes. My hands are 62 years old. I wish they were prettier. They’re all I’ve got at this point. They mostly work. I cannot complain too much.) This was the “better” hand to share. LL prefers to paint with several colors. I cannot tell you how long TLC goes with nails like this. For days. And weeks. I’m extremely proud of her. We’ve had this conversation more than once in the past three months:

ELC: Do you think you might be able to take that polish off now? I mean, don’t you think LL would understand? Couldn’t you tell her you’d like to go a few days with no polish?

TLC: She’s smart, Mom. And sensitive. I’m afraid it’d hurt her feelings. I can’t do that. It so doesn’t matter to me what anyone thinks—if that’s what you’re worried about.

In all honestly, that semi-sort of was what I’m worried about. Yet I adore my daughter more every day for the kind of Mom she continues to become. (I took my polish off within an hour of getting home. Let’s face it: My hands need nothing else to draw attention to them. Right? Sheesh.)

This morning I had the honor of taking LL to her ballet/jazz lesson. I’d not seen her new tutu. Is she The Cutest Ballerina you’ve ever laid your eyes on? Or at least one of them? I watched her while they danced. She’s pretty dadgum good. If Her Grammy says so herself.

Weekends like this past one? THE BEST. I can’t wait to get to My Girls’ Casa. I cry when I have to leave. I thank My Good Lord God Almighty for every second I’m allowed to be with These Angels.

Gotta scoot…gotta go have a nice. LONG. SIT! Happy Tuesday!

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