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Monday, January 23, 2017

a grand ole time...

This past weekend was full of family, fun, laughter and several walks down Memory Lane.

We have five children (four boys from my husband’s first marriage and TLC—our only girl/child and The Baby). We have seven GRANDS! We aren’t lucky enough to see five of our Grands as often as we'd like. They all live in Houston—and that’s just far enough away (minimum of five hours from our casa), and they’re all just busy enough with their lives and times, that once or twice a year is about the best we all can do. More than that ends up being icing on our cake!

Three of the five kids and three of our seven Grands were here from Friday until Sunday.

We usually are so extremely busy—cooking, cleaning up, getting ready for the next meal, and talking—we forget to take pictures. It’s ridiculous. This time, however, we got a few.

Here we are on our front porch. Minus our oldest son’s oldest child, Sophia. (She’s a senior in high school and had a dance on Saturday night she could not miss. We were sad, but totally got it. Totally.)

From the left: JJ (youngest son) and his wife, Lina; Tracey’s Hubby holding Belle and with Biscuit in front of him; TLC behind me and next to My Sweet Hubby (MSH); Jevan (13 and our second/oldest/middle grandson), his Mom--Amanda, and James.

(We wish we’d known TLC wasn’t easy to spot. Bless her heart…)

Here she is in full view! With her oldest brother and their kiddos…(again, minus Sophia…)

James has an amazing memory—for someone over 50. He told some “new” family stories—hysterical to downright sad—together with some of the stories that are told—by him and others—over and over. And over. (Sheesh. And Winky Wink.)

Time went by too quickly. Our other two sons and their families will be visiting soon. Then we’ll have our oldest two Grands graduating from high school in May. MSH and I cannot wrap our minds about this reality. Two Grands in college. Wwhhhaaaattttt? Wow.

Here’s hoping Y’all had a happy, safe, peaceful, fun, productive (or not!) weekend! Time’s a’tickin’, Friends...tickin' at warp speed. (Sigh.)

ta-ta for now...

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