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Thursday, January 5, 2017


…eyes. Really, 2017? So this is how we’re going to begin a new year?

I started feeling sick this past Saturday—New Year’s Eve. For 3 nights I had fever. Low. But fever. Sunday and Monday mornings? I’d feel like I was going to be okay. Tuesday morning, however, when I woke up, my left eye was stuck. With icky-sticky stuff. It was not a great feeling.

WARNING: I will try not to get too gross. Promise.

As I looked in the mirror at this new problem, I had a fleeting thought of a past experience with conjunctivitis. (Although, may I admit, at almost 63 years of age, I did not realize it was the same thing as Pink Eye. I truly thought they were different. Silly, silly moi.)

But I also considered the possibility I was having issues with allergies—most especially “cedar fever.” Cedar is HIGH in Texas. We hear about it night after night during the weather reports on local television. My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I live in the country. Amidst LOTS o’ cedar trees. I’m sure we ain’t got a prayer to avoid its consequences.

However, by 1:00 p.m., when my right eye was weeping with yellow ooze (so sorry…), I knew I needed to get into the doctor. I could see her at 8:30 Wednesday morn. Or I could see the new Nurse Practitioner at 3:30. I went for the Nurse! (Which, I must say, was a good decision.)

MSH drove me in. I almost didn’t let him. I ended up being grateful he insisted.

After being diagnosed by the WONDERFUL NP, we headed to Walgreen’s for an oral antibiotic for my sinus infection and for eye drops for my PINK eyes. By now it was 5:00 p.m. The Drive-Thru line for the Pharmacy was long. (During my boredom, I took a Selfie and texted it to Sunny. She probably couldn't eat dinner.) My scripts took almost an hour to retrieve.

I’ve been in bed since we got home Tuesday evening at 5:50. No sleep Tuesday night. Much better last night. I’m not even close to being 100%. Heck, not even close to being 50%. (Picture me getting tears in my sad eyes…)

I can’t Facetime with My Angel Girls, Little Leighton and Baby Elle—I’m VERY VERY SCARY looking. My eyes are more RED than pink. They are hugely swollen—down to my mouth. I look hideous. That’s just the truth.

Will be calling the Nurse in a few to see how long she thinks I’ll be contagious. According to Web MD—it’s not looking good for several more days.

Let me clarify: I have no idea where I was gifted Pink Eye/s. I don’t have a clue if they are somehow related to cedar allergies. I haven’t, to my knowledge, been around anyone that has had Pink Eye or has it now. I’m suspecting a trip to Hellmart six days ago. (I blame Hellmart for as much as I possibly can.) I know I didn’t wipe my cart handle off because there were no wipes to be located. I also think it’s a possibility I never used my purse wipes to clean my hands after I got in the car to leave. Something I always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS do. The timing seems possible as to where this may have come from. I do think I was already experiencing either cold or allergy symptoms. I suppose none of it even matters. It is what it is. It STINKS. Big. Time.

Back to bed I go. (This dreary little post has worn me out. Sheesh.) I am determined not to decide this year is going to be rough. I refuse to believe that. I simply can’t. Better days are coming!!! RIGHT? YES. RIGHT. (PLEASE DEAR LORD GOD. PLEASE.)

Hope each of Y'all is well—and that your eyes are pretty, healthy and clear! Stay away from cedar trees and anyone or ANYthing that might have conjunctivitis germs on them/it. Sigh.

Ta-ta for now…

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