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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

two gates...

I got home from my trip East to TLC’s yesterday afternoon at 4:45ish. It was a 26-hour turnaround trip. TLC had a doctor’s appointment that went much better than we expected. Which was a wonderful relief! Thank You, Dear Lord God Almighty. TLC and Gang will be coming back here this weekend to see two of her four brothers and one nephew. Therefore, I could cope with the fast and furious trip!

Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) and Baby Elle (aka Belle) continue to charm their Grammy! Lots of fun with both—although I had to go through Baby Elle’s “first” baby gate on my way up the nineteen (NINETEEN) stairs to the playroom and TLC’s Guest/Grammy Room. This gate was used by TLC and Her Hubby in their first home for Little Leighton. It actually was mostly to keep Henry the Dog from going into Her Hubby’s office and LL’s nursery. Or out the front door. This “Belle” gate will be used to keep Belle from going up and/or falling down said NINETEEN stairs as she learns to walk/run/escape/explore.

TLC has ordered a (matching) gate for the top. And, sadly, Belle can crawl up two stairs before she reaches the bottom gate. It couldn't be attached at the bottom of the stairs. This makes me nervous. She is a little speed demon. There she is! Oops...where is she now???

As I proceeded to take my overnight bag up to my room, I remembered how to open the gate. However, three years and several pounds later, it seemed like I wasn’t going to fit through the opening! Sheesh. For a few seconds, I was certain I’d have to turn sideways to get through it. (Which, frankly, isn’t that much less wide than my actual width. YIKES.)

I did it. Twasn’t easy. TLC had to take my bag so I wouldn’t hit the walls with it. During the rest of the day Monday and for some of the morning yesterday, I struggled to hold the Wild Child Belle—open the gate—get through it—and up the stairs (have I mentioned there are NINETEEN?) to the playroom. All the while I was thinking: There’s about to be a second gate. TWO GATES to get through. FUN. FUN.

Yes. TLC’s Safety Obstacle Course is positively, absolutely, 1,000,000% necessary. This Old Grammy simply ain’t looking forward to the process. (The day LL fell down 15 of those 19 stairs as I watched in utter horror? One of the worst days of my life.)

On a semi-innerstin’ note: TLC and I had the opportunity to watch The Bachelor together! I would typically go to bed soon after LL is asleep because TLC goes to bed VERY early. But Her Hubby had gone to an evening meeting for work and we decided to share a bit of TV time together. As I said before TLC met Her Hubby, as I’ve said about my granddaughters, I hope I never know ANY young woman who appears on this show. Seriously. Yes, I watch it. In shock. In sheer fascination. TLC normally does NOT watch it and mocks me for my loyalty each time a new season begins. This season? OMG. That’s all she and I both have got to say. OMG. We would pause the show and look at each other...unable to even speak. OOOMMMGGG.

Once the insanity was over and I trudged upstairs, I spent a loonnngggg five minutes trying to get one of those little electrical covers off an outlet. I use said outlet to charge my cell. God forbid I walk ten steps into the bathroom and charge it in there—where there are no covers because Belle currently cannot reach them.

The Life and Times of Grammies and Their Babies/Toddlers/Grands…they are MARVELOUS. Scary. FABULOUS. Fascinating. CHALLENGING.

Y’all have a happy, safe and obstacle-free Friday Eve manana!


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