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Sunday, January 8, 2017

starting off 2017...


My children have staged a revolt and have decided 2017 will apparently be the year of no sleep. Ummm...ain't gonna cut it. Mama is this close to losing what little mind I have left. We let Little Leighton sleep in our bed for a few hours early this a.m. Long story. She just informed me, as we were reading bedtime stories, she would see me in my bed shortly, when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Lovely. I suppose I should thank her for this "heads-up."

So, because my brain is virtually mush, I've put together a quick little "photo dump" of my life lately:

NYE with (most of) my peeps. We celebrated with Finding Dory and an apple juice toast.

The next morning, I fixed homemade gluten-free biscuits, ham and a cheddar cheese grits casserole. (In addition to our black-eyed-peas. I even made Baby Elle eat one. I don't mess around with luck.) Clearly my resolution is not to cut butter out of my life. 

This one. Don't let her fool you--she's a hot mess.

Friday it snowed-ish! Here is LL outside, trying to catch a snowflake on her tongue.

I'm literally hitting publish now on this post. I'm going to crawl into bed and say my nightly prayers for sleep. (I also pray for things like peace and good health and patience. Don't worry!)

Sweet dreams, friends!

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