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Saturday, March 4, 2017

mistakes...karma...excellent advice...

Okay, TLC. I suppose I can ‘fess up to my BIG faux pas.

So last week, the morning after the Academy Awards, I was semi-sort-of poking fun at Faye Dunaway and Warren Beauty on their HHUUUGGGGEEEEE mistake naming the wrong movie for Best Movie. I might have suggested, on a friend’s Facebook post, that they consider an “age limit” for future presenters. Yes. That was quite rude of  I'm-in-my-60s me. I’m a Senior Citizen myself. And married to a Senior Citizen that is ten years older than moi.

Don’t worry. Karma got me. Less than an hour after my ageist post, I was putting makeup on for the day. Planning to head to town with My Sweet Hubby (MSH) for a few errands. I was to the “eye makeup portion” of my routine and trying out what I assumed was a soft brown eyebrow “filler" I had recently found. After applying it to my left eyebrow, I thought: Wow. That looks more black than soft brown. AND YET, instead of trying to determine why that was, I proceeded to apply the “filler” to my right eye. MISTAKE.

I’m now looking at two VERY black eyebrows (Remember, if you will, that I am fair-skinned and have blonde-ish grey-ish hair.). Yep. I had grabbed the new Carbon Black Mascara TLC purchased for both of us. Carbon Black. On my eyebrows. When I've never even bought a "medium" brown for them. I always buy "light" or "soft" brown.

Looking back to that morning, I'm certain the thing that disturbed me the most was the fact that I did BOTH OF MY EYEBROWS. I never even considered stopping after the first brow was finished.

It took me twenty q-tips and three paper towels to try to get the mascara out and off. I was determined I wasn’t starting my entire makeup process over. NO WAY.

I never shared this with MSH. He never noticed. Although, that's not surprising. I can get LOTS o’ hair cut off my head and he’ll never, ever say a word.

My Advice:

Don’t use carbon black mascara, or any mascara, as an eyebrow “filler.” It’s simply not going to work out for you. Trust me.

Hope Y’all are having a Sweet Saturday—Wherever in this World Y’all are!

Smooches and Hugs and TTFN…

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