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Monday, March 20, 2017

rat packin'...NOT hoardin'

So yesterday afternoon, I cleaned my bathroom cabinets.

Here is BEFORE:

Here is AFTER:

This is on my side of the bathroom. My Sweet Hubby’s (MSH) cabinet is one shelf less than mine. (I have the dirty clothes “hamper” built into mine.)

I didn’t take a “Before” picture of my top two shelves. They weren’t awful. I did rearrange a few things to make it more organized.

I also filled up a 13-gallon trash bag with expired and, frankly, ridiculous things that were living in and on these shelves.

What you really can’t see is how truly pretty each shelf is! Because, trust me, it is all PRETTY. Up close. VERY nice. Winky. Wink.

I’ve seriously wanted to straighten this cabinet for literally a year. It’s been greatly bugging me—badly—for about four months.

It. Is. Done. YIPPEE and WOO HOO.
(Yes, I store my hairspray upside down. Long story.)

Y’all have a WONDERFUL Week, Wherever in the World you are! (Clean a drawer or shelf. Throw something away. You’ll feel tres better/lighter/happier!)


p.s.—I am NOT a Hoarder, TLC. Period. End of story.

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