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Thursday, March 30, 2017

so close...

...yet so far!

ELC took this picture of Baby Elle earlier today as she was peering in her crib, trying to reach her pacifiers. She was "givin' it all she's got" but just couldn't quite grab them.

That about sums up my life, at the moment. I don't like sounding so "doom and gloom." I think the majority of my posts lately might have that tone. I'm sorry! I promise I'm trying to find every little thing that I can be grateful for each day and thank God. We have a diagnosis for our Henry now. Long story--but I'm certainly glad we know what's going on! He only has to wear his "cone of shame" for another week. (Thank goodness. I cannot take him running into my walls much longer. God love him.) I have a referral to an ENT now and will make an appointment ASAP. I'm hopeful he can fix me up.

Today, I'm also grateful it's Friday Eve! As soon as I hit post, I'm headed out for a quick dinner with My Hubby. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Be thankful! (And I'm going to work on giving myself some grace along the way, too.)


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