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Friday, April 20, 2018


May today

 be the

 Fridayiest Friday

 that ever



(Pinterest said this was from Burt’s Bees Baby. But I don’t exactly know what that means. Not sure if they made this up or they were simply pinning it. At any rate, this was not my original quote. Duh.)

So this has been another long week. Full of cleaning. Grammy-Nannying. More cleaning. Errands. Etc.

Monday, a Dad and his daughter (about TLC’s age) came to see our place. They were extremely nice. The Dad loved it. Said he wants his wife to visit. She’s out of state until the second week of May. I truly wish we’d have a contract by then. Here's what I'm confident about: If it's meant to be for them? Us? It. Will. Be.

Tuesday, a Houston couple was scheduled to come with their realtor. A local man. They asked for 3:30-5:00. Meaning they weren’t sure when they could be here exactly. They were looking at SEVEN places that day. Ours was seventh. I honestly didn’t have a lot of hope they were going to come. I was on my way to TLC’s casa, for one night, when My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) called to say they'd cancelled. This was 2:30. Sigh.

Today, MSH and I are cleaning things we haven’t had time to clean in the past few months! Dusting. Rearranging. Both our casa and the apartment are in good shape—since we’ve had to keep up with them for the past six months. We have a couple coming in the morning, with another local realtor. They live in the “Metroplex” and are looking for a “second home.” (Must be nice. Winky. Wink. I can barely cope with one home and a guest house/apartment.)

They’re scheduled to be here bright and early. Well, 9:30. I’ll have to get up at the crack of dawn to get ready and get our Master bedroom and bathroom all gussied up. We’ll have some last minute vacuuming to do. (Buddy Boo Bear. A brown Lab. Shakes that brown hair off his big old self all over our casa. 24/7. Bless his little doggy heart.)

The Weather Peeps are calling for rain/storms beginning tonight and lasting all day manana. The wind is currently awful. If this couple wants to reschedule? Won’t surprise me.

Tomorrow night, TLC and Her Hubby are going to see The Foo Fighters in Dallas. An outdoor concert. With a 90% chance of rain. The tickets were bought for Her Hubby’s birthday gift in January. Somehow I have a feeling TLC will realize tickets that far in advance—for an outdoor concert in Texas—might not be a great idea. Spring and Summer in Texas: Tornadoes. Storms. Wind. Rain. Rain, that is, if we’re all lucky. So much of Texas stays in drought. Fall? Yep—still tornado chances quite often. Possibly the best time of the year, however, for outdoor concerts. After our super crazy hot summers? Fall in Texas is cherished. Treasured. Winter? Well, you don’t hear about a lot of BIG outdoor concerts in the wintertime around these here parts. Winters in Texas can be mild. Lovely. Very wonderful. OR horrid. As if Texas has gotten very confused and suddenly thinks it’s located next to Michigan. Or Montana. Sheesh.

TLC and Her Hubby are young. They’ll roll with the punches. Take an umbrella. Enjoy dinner out and have fun—whatever happens with the Foo Peeps’ concert. I'll have a blast with My Sweet Princesses, Little Leighton and Baby Elle.

And life goes on...right? 

Hope Y’all have a Wonderful Weekend—Wherever in this World Y’all are!


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