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Monday, April 23, 2018

not every tuesday...

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Tuesdays with TLC, I am fairly certain, will not be happening. And I am completely okay with this. Because, frankly, I don't exactly know how my daughter handles her schedule. Especially when her husband is often out-of-town for his job.

I was a stay-at-home Mom. I had no family in our town to help me with TLC. (My only child. One. Only. I used to be reminded of this fact by my brother--who had three children. I'm now reminded of this fact by TLC. Frequently reminded. With love.) I was VERY lucky to be able to ask one of my sisters to take care of TLC when I needed to travel with My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) for his job. TLC adored being at my sister's home. Her two cousins--my nephew who is 6 years older than TLC--and my niece who is 4 years older--have really been more like siblings to TLC. She most definitely treated/s them like a brother and sister. She cherished my sister like a second Mom. That made leaving her for a few days two to three times a year so much easier for me and MSH.

I had several wonderful babysitters, too. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS trusted them with our daughter. (Or I wouldn't have employed them. Duh.)

TLC, however, has really had no one but me to care for/babysit/Grammy-Nanny Little Leighton and Baby Elle. It's been my complete honor and JOY to do this for nearly six years now. I actually don't get to see or be with My Precious Princesses as much as I'd like to. Distance. Conflicts. Etc. Still I pretty much see them at least once a week for at least one night. I'm always available to stay with TLC and Her Girls during those times Her Hubby is away. (Since TLC moved closer to us, my youngest sister is able to help TLC out in the evenings and sometimes on weekends. If TLC is in a pinch. She lives about 15 minutes from TLC and is completely infatuated with Little Leighton and Baby Elle. They have stolen her heart. The heart of a Mom who raised a handsome son that is about to graduate from college!)

TLC has found a lovely young woman to stay with her daughters now, too. YIPPEE! However, this Nanny's calendar is tight. She's only able to help Tracey a couple of weekdays--with plenty of notice. Weekends must be scheduled early on. She is a gift, seriously, at this point in TLC's life. One we hope will last for many years to come.

Today Little Leighton begins swimming lessons. Tomorrow evening she has a makeup soccer game. (I'll be taking care of Baby Elle. Bathing her and putting her to bed so her sweet little schedule is not interfered with too much!) TLC has Bible Study in the morn. I can't get to her casa until mid-afternoon.

Therefore...I am confident Tuesdays with TLC ain't happenin' manana. I was thinking I might approach TLC with this idea: How about Tuesday (singular) with TLC? One Tuesday each month. Like pick a Tuesday! First? Second? Third? Fourth? Sometimes there'd be a Fifth? The issue will be the on-going problem of knowing which Tuesday it could be.'s what I'll state with HOPE:

Standby for an upcoming Tuesday with TLC! Not sure when it'll be. I am positive it WILL BE. Someday...fairly soon...on a Tuesday. And at least one Tuesday each month. Take it to your bank. Or I'll turn this Blog around and take her home. She does not need to mess with Her Mama. (teeheehee...)

Have a Wonderful Week, Dearest Friends...

Smooches and Hugs...

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