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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

tuesdays with tlc...

Happy Tuesday!

I'm back!

I hope y'all had a wonderful Easter.

On Thursday, Little Leighton (aka LL) had her Easter Party/Egg Hunt at school. I like to volunteer to bring all of the food/drinks for each of their holiday parties. This way, LL is able to have exactly what her classmates have because everything is gluten-free and delicious! Not one child (or even the teachers!) can tell.

Before they had their snack of gluten-free cupcakes and apple juice, the kids had their egg hunt. They weren't allowed to open any eggs until after school. LL couldn't wait to get into the car after the party and start crackin' hers open. Buckled in her carseat, we headed home to meet Grammy ELC and Baby Elle. Because I was driving, I wasn't able to see each reaction when she opened an egg, but out of the 12 eggs she grabbed, she couldn't have one piece of candy. Not ONE. Now, I say this not to complain about the lack of gluten-free options she received. We love our school and we have several sweet and understanding friends in her class. One in particular always makes sure she brings something gluten-free, in order to include LL. But, as with any egg hunt, it was simply the "luck of the draw." There was one egg out of her dozen that had three tiny, sparkly stickers inside. Obviously gluten-free and safe. This is what my PRECIOUS daughter said after opening every egg, suddenly faced with the reality of her Celiac Disease:

"You know, Mama, it's really okay that I can't have any of the candy. Because, look! I have three stickers. And that's really okay."

Y'all. She sweetly smiled. A pure smile. While my heart broke a little as I looked at her in my rearview mirror, I couldn't have been more PROUD. What an amazingly mature and positive attitude for a little girl that's still only "one-hand-old." I had a hard time not crying right then and there. I wouldn't let myself because I never want her to feel sad about having Celiac Disease and its limitations. Despite all of the challenges, she is BLESSED. WE, as her family, are blessed.

Children don't ask for diseases. Restrictions. Allergies. As adults, and parents, we can seriously learn much from them. I guess I also hope that, perhaps, you might consider non-food treats for any future holidays you participate in, whether it be End-of-School, Trick-or-Treating/Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day or Easter Egg Hunts. Just so there's always something one child, like my Little Leighton, might be able to keep.

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