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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

firecracker #5

If you’ve never tried “powdered” peanut butter,” and you’d truly love to have peanut butter but you can’t afford the calories and/or fat and/or sugar and/or anything else in it that you do not need—you should get thee as fast as possible to your nearest grocery store and pick up a jar of PB2!

I learned about this at a Weight Watchers’ (aka WWs) meeting many months ago. I bought myself the regular kind—i.e. not the chocolate flavor. Then I let it sit in my cabinet. Until it expired.

Last Thursday—at my morning WWs meeting—a dear, DEAR friend of mine (We’ve known each other for over 35 years and I can tell you I'm not exactly sure where the weight is that she wants to lose.) was joining and ended up talking about PB2—this chocolate flavor specifically.

I bought a small jar the other day at Walmart. (In our Texas store it’s actually located in two places: With all the other peanut butters and back in the “baking” aisle. Cake mixes, flour, etc. etc. etc.)

Two nights ago I needed something that wasn’t a lot of points. But something sweet. And a bit salty. I put two tablespoons of this PB2 in a bowl and mixed it with one tablespoon of water. (Something told me I might like one little package of Truvia, too. I have such a sweet tooth.) Stirred and stirred and then dipped 9 Rold Gold tiny pretzel twists into it!

It. Was. DIVINE. I am serious. D.I.V.I.N.E.

(If you try it and I’m wrong? I can’t imagine I’ll be wrong. But let me know. Because this is going to be my new snack obsession and it could get totally out of control! YIKES.)

This “snack” was 2 points for me. That’s a good number for a WWs “snack.” If I’d had a few more points left for my day? I’d have mixed 4 tablespoons of PB2 with 2 tablespoons of water—one packet of Truvia (I’d have tried just one—might have needed two and, trust me,  I have no shame--if it needed two—two would be put in without a blink of my eyes.)—and I’d have had 18 pretzels! Yes. Yes, I would have. Alas, I didn’t have 4 points left. Sigh.

We are hot in Texas. HOT. I do not mean sexy hot. I mean temperature-wise. We’ll never get used to it. We’ll never like it. It is what it is.




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