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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

july's firecrackers #1

It’s The Fourth of July! In North Central Texas. At our country casa. It’s hot. (Our air conditioner went out last night about 8:30. Wasn’t too horrid. Our service peeps got here by 9:15 this morning and fixed it. Uber grateful to them!) TLC, The Little Princesses and Her Hubby are partying at his family’s lakehouse. My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I will be here. All day. Fireworks have been BANNED by our County Judge. (Most of Texas is under a Burn Ban—due to the drought we’re currently suffering with/through…usually MSH and I would see Neighbor Country Folks’ setting of their fireworks this evening. Hopefully we don’t see any tonight. Which is kind of sad. For many reasons. We just do not need fires started. Period.)

It’s time to do our July Yummies and Yeehaws!!! (If you’re not familiar with said Yummies and Yeehaws, you can find them in our posts from 2011, 2012—maybe 2013? We stopped them at some point. Did a few more—off and on—over the next couple of years.) EXCEPT, I have permission from TLC to call them our “Fireworks!” Things we love. Enjoy. Have recently discovered. Things that make a bang with us!

Y’all know I no-can-do pictures. Yep. Quite pathetic. And TLC can’t post pictures for me today.

NO WORRIES! This Fireworks #1 doesn’t need a picture/pictures!

I’m a TV watcher. Duh. I’m 64. Yes. I should be reading. And I do! However, I enjoy getting cozy at/in my spot on our couch and watching GOOD STUFF for a few hours each evening/night. (I rarely turn on the television during daytime hours. Haven’t for years and years. But when it’s super hot or super cold? And MSH and I have all chores done or we’re pooped and need to rest? Or it’s a holiday? Or a Saturday or Sunday afternoon? I might start sittin’ on the couch around 3:00. Ish. Then I hope and pray I have something recorded we can enjoy together.

With our thousands of channels and the ridiculous amount of money we pay for our TV service, I’ve been struggling to find entertainment for the past several weeks.  Fortunately, I have America’s Got Talent! I adore that show. I cry every week. Every week. I wish it was on every night. Sigh. I have to be satisfied with what they give us.

Some of my current summer favourites are on HGTV. I watch a “beach home” show because (1) I think they’re interesting and (2) I get ideas for future “beach” vacations for our family!

Beachfront Bargain Hunt. HGTV. I can’t really share exactly when this show comes on. For the majority of my HGTV shows I record? I find a marathon of them and hit the orange button. Then, when I watch them, I zoom by the commercials! I see beaches from Texas to Alabama to Florida to South and North Carolina to Virginia to California to Oregon to many MANY on the East Coast. Love LOVE LOVE this show.

Lakefront Bargain Hunt. HGTV. Also can’t tell you exactly when these are on. Again, I find some and hit record! MSH and I have always enjoyed lakes. Not just beaches. In fact, if we could, we think we’d like to live on a lake! Probably won’t ever. Who knows?

Then there is…My Lottery Dream Home. HGTV. Y’all. This one is SO MUCH FUN. It’s hosted by David Bromstad. Y’all might remember he won the HGTV Design Star in 2006. He has a show called Color Splash and this one. I’ve only seen a couple of the Color Splash shows. I think he is ADORABLE. This Lottery show? IT IS FABULOUS. To me. He finds people that have won a significant lottery somewhere—like most have won at least a million dollars—find a new home! Or a home for a family member. It’s interesting to see him go around the country to meet and help these people. I’ve played The Texas Lottery since it began. Like maybe close to thirty years ago? I’ve played the same 6 numbers—twice a week—for all this time. MY ADVICE: Do not EVER think about playing the same numbers. Buy Quick Picks. You’d be like me and have to slap yourself silly if you forgot to play your numbers and you found out they came up! HORRORS. I win every now and then! Anywhere from $3 to $24. Once I won $80! Do I break even? Nope. I spend $4 a week. I figure I could spend that much on candy. Or cigarettes. Or wine. I don’t. This is one of my few vices. Teeheehee. Please don’t judge me. I’m certain I’m gonna hit a big one soon and I’ll be needing David to come help me find my new digs. (Picture me crossing my fingers…)

I was channel surfing a few nights ago—when I saw the movie Overboard was going to be shown! OVERBOARD. The original with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. I hadn’t seen it in YEARS. (We used to have the VHS tape of it!) Oh. My. Stars. It was AMAZING. I zoomed by the commercials and laughed out loud for almost two hours. The best thing about this TV version? They blurred out Goldie’s bohiney—at the beginning—where Kurt sees a birthmark he can use later to identify her as his wife. Then once one of the boys used the word “S_it.” Bleeped it out. Goldie’s useless husband used it later and they bleeped him. THEREFORE…I’m saving this TV version for Little Leighton and Baby Elle to watch the next time they come here! Baby Elle might not be too interested. I think Little Leighton will definitely think it is GREATNESS.

Last, there’s always The Hallmark Channel. (For some reason I don’t get the Hallmark Mystery Channel and I never can remember to call Directv to find out why. I need to do that today.)

I’ve been recording movies lately I don’t think I’ve seen. The BEST one of five I’ve watched lately? For Better or For Worse. Starring Lisa Whelchel. (She was Blair on Facts of Life for years! I like her.) It's CLEVER. Different. She’s owns a wedding planning business (Tootie from Facts of Life works for her—I think she is ADORABLE even now!). Lisa’s character has one grown son. Well, he’s like 22. A divorce attorney moves in right next door to her! Y’all. He is YUMMY. I don’t know who he is and I didn’t look him up yet—trust me. He is HANDSOME and a good actor. IMHO. He alone is worth the watch.

There you go! Our First Fireworks! (We’ll be doing these throughout the month of July, don't forget. Just these. No other kind o' posts.)

TLC—you is up next, Girlfriend! Get Firecracker/Firecrackers #2 ready soon.

Happy Birthday America!

Y’all have a wonderful rest-of-the-week—wherever in this country or world Y’all are!



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