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Monday, July 23, 2018

firecracker #6

A few weeks ago, my middle sis, Mary V., our baby sis, Lucy, and my sweet friend, Mackie, all were sending me texts with the CUTEST little pictures that looked like them, accompanied by the FUNNIEST messages. I was intrigued. I asked Mary V. where she’d gotten the pictures/messages. She said it was called Bitmoji. I looked the App up and thought I’d found the right one. I hadn’t. Duh and SIGH. So then Mary V. sent me a picture of the correct Bitmoji App I needed to download.

Here’s what the App looks like:

And here is my Bitmoji:

I tried and tried to get some Big Texas Hair. This was really the best I could do. (I actually think it’s adorable. Attempting to make myself go this short and flat? Yeah—not going to happen anytime soon. I do love how close the rest of it is to moi. But with a lot less wrinkles. Dadgummit.) Little Leighton (aka LL) would tell you my “signature” shirt/top/blouse is white. Always. 3/4 sleeves. I have other colors. Some animal print. Some pretty pinks. A couple of blues. Some denim—which I wear from September until April. (Unless I’m in a coldish State like Colorado or Wyoming or New Mexico, etc., or  someone's home who keeps their thermostat on 74 or lower. Being a Senior Citizen with thin skin I often get chilly when the rest of the world is sweating—so in that situation I might wear denim in May, June, July or August. Just depends…) When I wear anything but white? This is how LL reacts: “Grammy!!! You don’t have a white shirt on! Wow!”

Once I started texting TLC with my Bitmoji? She had to have one, too. (Again—DUH.)

The interesting thing about hers is this: Little Leighton—who at 6 years old can use a iPhone and iPad better than her Grammy—looks so much like TLC she often texts me with her Mom’s Bitmoji. She wanted her own but we finally convinced her she had to have her own phone. That’s apparently not happening for several years. Right. We'll see, Mom. We'll see. Anyway, LL will tell me it’s her. (Bless her sweet, precious heart—I usually know pretty fast who’s texting. She finds the pictures with unicorns, rainbows and the poop emoji…I’m fairly confident it’s not TLC. TLC’s often have wine in the picture. Teeheehee.)

Here is TLC’s (and LL’s! Winky Wink.):

If Y’all have not joined the rest of us cool kids and gotten your own Bitmoji? You need to get with it. ASAP. Seriously.

[I’m attempting to get My Sweet Hubby—aka MSH—to let me design one of him on his phone. Our youngest son (of 4), who’s an ER doctor, and his wife, who’s a physical therapist, have FABULOUS Bitmojis. They crack me up every time we all text. Knowing JJ and Leda are totally committed to this latest fad, sadly, has not convinced MSH to join the party. Party Pooper. That's exactly what he is. LL needs to send him lots of poop emojis.]

Hope each of Y’all has a HAPPY week—wherever in this World Y’all are!



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