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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

27 Random Facts About Moi

Y'all know I heart lists! In the spirit of "getting to know each other," here are 27 completely useless tidbits about TLC:

1. My favorite color is turquoise. My favorite color combo, though, is grey and buttercream yellow.
2. I could eat birthday cake every day of the week. And wedding cake. And cupcakes.
3. I have a second ear piercing only in my left ear (and so does ELC). Long story.
4. I'm slightly obsessed with Twilight.
5. I once fell asleep on the stairs in my old apartment after two too many "Mambo Taxis" from Mi Cocina (Aren't you proud, Mom?).
6. I sing -- constantly. Especially during American Idol.
7. I refuse to drink milk. I do pour it over my cereal, but I squeeze it out of each spoonful before I actually eat it.
8. I listen to Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket (DFW). These guys crack me up. Hubs got me hooked. And I couldn't be any less athletic or sports knowledgeable if I tried. It defies logic.
9. Sharks fascinate me. I LUV Shark Week. On my Bucket List? Swim with the sharks in one of those cages!
10. I wish I could wear my wedding veil when I grocery shop. It's too pretty to only wear once. Hello, People of Walmart. Here I come.
11. I'm by no means a fisher-woman. BUT, I do own a PINK fishing pole!
12. Hushpuppies (the fried cornbread variety) ROCK.
13. Every time Bath and Body Works has their "5 For $15" soap special, I ALWAYS buy five. I now own no less than 30 bottles of anti-bacterial soap. I line them up in my pantry alphabetically.
14. I compulsively watch the Food Network on the weekends.
15. I hoard Kleenex boxes (Thanks, Mom!). Literally. Like I'm preparing for some major catastrophe.
16. My favorite number is 8.
17. I collect owls (but not scary looking ones).
18. I HAD to purchase a "Just Maui-ed" shirt on our honeymoon last year. That may or may not have been the number one reason I wanted to go there.
19. I have been known to dip Ruffles Potato Chips into yellow mustard. Yum. I know. It's bizarre. Don't judge me.
20. I am determined to learn how to use my dSLR camera ASAP. Starting with how to remove the lens cap. Just kidding. But, seriously.
21. Psychics intrigue me.
22. I wish I was a Princess. I've been practicing my wave for years.
23. I only wear tennis shoes when at Boot Camp, walking, jogging, exercising. Never out and about and around town. I think they make my legs look stumpy.
24. In my opinion, Sonic has the best ice. Hands down. So crunchy.
25. Hydrangeas are my most favorite flower.
26. Sewing was part of my required curriculum in college. My machine has never left my bedroom closet at ELC's house. She keeps asking me when I'm going to take it home with me. She was polite for the first three years. Now she kind of has an edge to her voice. I doubt I could even thread it.
27. I'm going to win the Texas Lotto this year.

Your turn! Please tell me something random about YOU.


Unknown said...

I keep the original boxes from products. I have boxes from computers, wine glasses, electronics, ornaments, shoes, you name it. I think it is important to keep the orginal box just in case you need it one day. Don't judge.

The Leightons said...

LOL. I still have the box from my cell phone -- TWO cell phones back. And I know right where to find it.

Smooches, Lisa!


Taylor said...

I keep meaning to tell you that if you really want to learn to use your camera, you might check out FW Camera, they have classes you can take. My hubbs got me two classes for V-Day, one was good, the other just okay, but I have registered for a 3rd class in a few weeks which is a class for people only with my exact model camera. Its supposed to teach you all the knobs and buttons. I don't know what kind of camera you have but you might look and see if they have a similar class for your camera. And I would be happy to show you a few tricks I've learned to take better photos sometime.

The Leightons said...

Thank you for the tip, Taylor!!! I think we should take a camera class together.

Remember our fun "Sizzlin' South American" Cooking Class at Central Market?! That was a blast.

Does FW Camera serve wine at these classes, though? LOL.


The Leightons said...

TLC . . .

In order to win the Texas Lottery you have to buy a ticket. I'm just sayin'. . .so hurry up!


Leonora said...

something about moi? Well, I can not stand the sound of bristles against cement (like, when someone is sweeping the leaves out of their street)

Bub and I went to go see STOMP 2 years ago on our anniversary, and yes, you guessed, 98% of the show was them using brooms against the state as musical instruments, I wanted to die and throw something really hard at the actors.

disclaimer: im not violent, just hate bristles, don't judge me <3

The Leightons said...

Oh, L-Woww! We would never judge you.

Note to self: Do NOT send Leo the Stomp soundtrack for her birthday.