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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Philosophie Refrigerateur—Deuxieme Partie

If you don’t know French (I took two years in high school, 40 years ago, so I’m almost fluent), this is clearly the fancy way of saying:

Fridge Philosophy—Part Two

I was thinking you might pass this post up if it had a repetitive (tricky way of saying “boring”) name. I am still tres passionate about my motivational fridge magnets and art.

Here, then, are more of my favoris (you get this!):

Each day I make my To-Do List,
but the only thing I cross off is “Lose Mind.”
          --Leslie Moak Murray

Completely self-explanatory. And, unfortunately, so sadly true.

I dreamed
my whole house
was clean . . .
          --Anne Tainter, Inc.

image via moi (elc)

She’s blonde. Like moi (well, blonde, grey/gray—let’s don’t split hairs). And looks so peaceful. This is the thing that’s so frustrating for me in my daily life: my house is rarely ALL clean. Bits and pieces are often spotless. But bits and pieces are often quite—hmmm—NOT. Oh, well. I have more fun things to do with my time, vous ne pensez pas? (Don’t you think?) Like ponder my fridge magnets and drink Diet Dews.

These three ladies below are clearly discussing this concept:

“Can you imagine a world without men?
No crime and lots of happy fat women.”
          --Sylvia (Nicole Hollander)

image via moi (elc)

I love men (most especially My Sweet Hubby)—even if they are positively, absolutely, undeniably perplexing. We need them. But this makes me laugh. Sorry.

Many years ago a dear friend sent me this card (it had a much-appreciated and sweet thank you note on the inside):

We’re girlfriends
and we’re fabulous!
          --Karen Hillard Good and Dan De Paolo for Main Street Press

image via moi (elc)

Aren’t these little ladies the cutest things ever? And don’t you just adore the word “fabulous?” TLC says or types it at least 27 times a day. Has it become iconic because of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign? Saying it can certainly make you smile or change the way your attitude is headed. Let’s be FABULOUS!


Kiss My Crown

I don’t really know who to attribute this to—maybe the same person who penned “Kiss my Grits?” Not sure. But Lauren, TLC’s precious friend who is like a “second daughter,” has called me “Queen B” for almost as long as we’ve known each other. I’m not sure how it started. Possibly because TLC pretends (is she pretending?) to be an American Princess. So me being Queen would naturally follow this line-of-hierarchy. Lauren has sent me the most adorable cards with “Queen” somewhere in or on them. I don’t know where she finds them all. She has also given me several cherished gifts that involve some kind of crown—including a BEAUTIFUL wine glass with a crown in rhinestones on it.  It’s way too pretty to actually use, so it has a place of honor in my home office—next to a big coffee mug she gave me that says: It’s good to be queen (Hausenware).  Yes. Yes, Princess Lauren, it is VERY GOOD. Merci beaucoup!

Probably the most inspirational (and challenging) magnet on my fridge says:

finish each day and be done
with it. you have done what you
could. some blunders and
absurdities have crept in;
forget them as soon as you can.
tomorrow is a new day. you shall
begin it serenely and with too
high a spirit to be encumbered
with your old nonsense.



Sunny said...

I have LOLed today.....all because of you my....queen friend...

Autumn said...

I absolutely agree with Sunny, Your Majesty. You are FABULOUS!

Leslie Moak Murray said...

I'm only now finding this, and wanted to say thank you for quoting me haha. Love the Groucho glasses.
Leslie Moak Murray

The Leightons said...

Oh.My.Gosh. What an honor for you to have found our little blog and to have seen your quote, Leslie! There is nothing better than laughter and nothing TLC and I appreciate more than clever, funny, WITTY people like you!

On the Groucho glasses: We've been trying for a couple of months to get TLC's Little Leighton--she's just turned two years old--to put them on so we can add her picture. I still have those exact glasses. (I promise cross-my-heart I'm not a hoarder.) Little Leighton looks at us like we've lost our ever-lovin' minds. If we try too long, she starts to cry. We're hoping to convince her it'll be fun very soon. Please come back and see us again when you have a few minutes...

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!